The speaker’s voice behind the scenes is a hallmark of any promo or explainer video. It is the voice that sets the right mood and targeting of any video. Have you ever thought why many decent videos failed to win audience attention and interest? It happened because of the poor voiceover.

If you do not want to experience something similar, try hi-fi and cost-effective voiceover services from our team. We have an extensive base of professional native speakers of English, German, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Hindi and many other languages. If you need a voiceover in English, it is also possible to select an accent from Brinish to Australian English.

Why should you try voiceover from Devenup:

A few options to choose from

You get 3 variants of the voiceover to select the best one for you.

High quality and cost-effectiveness

We offer quality services at a reasonable rate.

Professional recording equipment

All recordings are made by the qualified speakers.


We always carefully check audio content copyright.

The right emotional tone of the voiceover doubles or even triples your chances to reach the target audience and pass your message. We greatly appreciate speakers’ professionalism and numerous voices you can choose from are the voices of people who used to work on radio stations or TV channels.

Contact us and we will help to find the right voice for your ideas!