Video editing


A video editing or production is a mix of filmed video footages and 2D/3D animation. Such approach has a stunning impact on the target audience and drives maximum engagement with the explainer and promo videos.

The amount of graphics applied defines what type of the end product you will get. You can try a simple video consisting mainly from footages purchased on video stocks and containing minimum effects, like captions and transitions. Another variant is an action video filled with numerous interface elements and 3D objects. You can decide yourself what is the best fit for your business goals.

Why should you try video editing from Devenup:

Marketing matters

Our marketing team actively participates in your video production process.

Wide-ranging experience

There are over 30 projects of various complexity in our portfolio.

Quality and affordable price

We offer quality services at a reasonable rate.


We take video copyright very seriously and use only legal video materials.

Video production and editing is a powerful tool for increasing your brand recognition, driving engagement and sales.

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