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Local SEO optimization & Google Ads Advertising which brought results together

How local SEO helped London private rheumatologist to get new clients?

Content Marketing, On-page SEO & GAds Advertising

Local SEO, as opposed to international, has a lot of advantages for business owners. We have concentrated on promoting the website at the London level, but the results have been better than expected.


The goal of the optimization was to increase brand visibility in local searches and get new target patients with the help of Gads.

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High-quality content is the key to business growth on the web

Google pays great attention to quality and unique content. Considering that Dr. Benji has been one of the leading experts in rheumatology in London for many years, we took this into account and decided to focus on the blog.

Over time, the website took the leading positions in the highly competitive query “gout” not only in London but in UK and US also.

Scope of Work


On-page SEO

We extended the site structure with separate pages for each treatment which Dr. Benji provides


Content marketing

Blog management became a great channel of high-relevant patients. Quality articles increased patients’ confidence


Google Ads & Youtube Management

Local GAds advertising gave a great number of new leads. Youtube improve the visibility of the brand and gave patients the opportunity to meet Dr. Benji

Conquered Heights

Thanks to work on expanding the site structure, content marketing, and advertising campaigns on Google, as well as creating attractive and interesting videos, Dr. Benji received a large number of additional clients.

  • Daily site traffic has been increased by more than 10 times
  • A threefold increase in the number of patients from London
  • TOP-3 positions with gout-related requests across 2 countries

The Results

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