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Phosphorus Project Overview

Social media strategy, video content development, and active promotion of the project that uses the power of genetic tests to detect major health risks.

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Combining Social Media and Genetic Tests Niche

The Phosphorus mission is to detect and help to prevent major health risks using a genetic test. Based on the person’s saliva and DNA analysis, Phosphorus presents an extended report highlighting risk factors and problem points that should be considered in the future.

The project is in the active development stage and working on it our team provides strategy consulting services, for the video segment in particular, as well as delivers video content and graphics.

Genetic analysis

As a concept of future humanity wins

Genetic data is a history acquired for thousands of years and innated in every human being.

It was a challenging and fascinating experience for us to dive into the genetic data analysis and interpret the understanding of it into the visual representation and digital strategy development for the Phosphorus project.

The Results

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Video Content Development
  • Graphic design

Since the genetic tests niche is quite innovative and versatile, smartly built social media marketing strategy allows easily reach the target audience. This is the main reason why we put stress on video content and other interactive communication methods with the core audience when developing a content strategy for the Phosphorus project.

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