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On-page & link building SEO services for the private jet rental service provider

Multi-channel SEO services for AeroJet Me

Improving rankings and increasing international coverage as an SEO challenge

Unlike other websites, a private flight booking service must cover many locations from which departures and arrivals are made. Ideally, these brands need a presence in every customer service area and, eventually, passengers.


AeroJet Me has several physical offices throughout the UK, USA, Dubai. The task of the SEO was to increase the semantic visibility of the website, increase the domain rating, and high-quality internal page optimization based on the semantic core.


Based on the results of the competitive analysis that we conduct for all of our clients, we have found that expanding the website structure with pages for each individual location is a basic requirement of the market. Next is external optimization and developing the domain authority by providing high-quality backlinks.

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Cover & Growth as an SEO Goal

Considering the huge budgets of the shareholders of the companies of our competitors, as well as the strong competition within the private flight market, we decided to take small steps in implementing our strategy so we can better focus on keeping a deep attention to detail.

During the initial audit of the pages, we found many technical problems and toxic links that reduced the site’s authority and ranking as a result. All possible errors were corrected, and the client was provided with a document with an extended strategy and plans. We have developed an impressive semantic core and started creating pages for all important locations, taking into account market trends (important world events, sports competitions, and more). Content marketing has also become an important element in increasing visibility and building relationships between pages.

Scope of Work


On-page SEO

We collected a new semantic core and created a structured expansion strategy for departure & arrival locations.


Off-page SEO

We have worked with many link-building tactics. In addition, the current link mass was cleared of toxic referral domains.


Technical On-page SEO

According to the results of an audit, we fixed most of the on-page SEO issues, created meta tags for pages, and improved UI (user interface).

SEO as a Stable Source of Clients

Attention to detail and a clear vision of the ultimate goal during search engine optimization gave us great results and growth in individual indicators, which increased the number of clients. AeroJet Me has gained a growth of semantic visibility and has become a trusted provider of premium private jet flight services.

  • We increased DA from 10/100 to 29/100
  • The number of referring domains increase from 51 to 227
  • The number of backlinks increased from 151 to 1445
  • Organic traffic growth from 100/week to 400/week

The Results

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