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MCFR Project Overview

Deep on-page SEO, analytics research and consulting for a popular educational portal for medical personnel.

Deep on-page SEO services for medical institution
Analytics research and consulting services
SEO and complex consulting services for medical institution
Complex analytics research for healthcare niche

When Details Make All the Difference

MCFR is a popular Eastern European educational portal for medical personnel and employees of medical institutions.

Our team received a task to conduct a deep SEO analysis, fix errors and fine tune the internal website structure.

The Action-MCFR portal traffic chart by Semrush:

Educational portal for mEducational portal for medical personnel promotionedical personnel
Educational portal for mEducational portal for medical personnel promotionedical personnel

Huge traffic

Strict quality requirements

MCFR is a project that combines numerous complex calculations and in-depth settings for the website structure and search engine optimization.

A website any action on which can cause serious unpredictable deviations. It was a grand experience for us to work on such a complex project with a great number of pages.

The Results

  • Deep on-page SEO
  • Semantic core creation & clustering
  • Analytics research & consulting

Websites with a diverse structure require constant professional maintenance and support. A continuous evolvement of the medical domain produces tons of new information a health worker of the corresponding sphere should timely learn.

For this, we have collected, filtered and run a page-by-page clusterization of the website’s semantic core optimizing page titles, anchors of internal and external links, Alt-tags for images.

To ensure the medical personnel will always receive the most relevant information, our team improved the website structure and reorganized internal interlinking on the website.

Semantic core creation and clustering for health niche
Analytics research and consulting for healthcare project
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