LIFE4ME Project

Digital Strategy Consulting and SEO

Life4Me.plus Project Overview

This is how a digital strategy consulting and an extensive SEO can help to grow the organic traffic flow and support a project established to prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs.

Digital strategy consulting for health clinic
Digital strategy consulting and an extensive SEO
Organic traffic flow growth
Digital strategy consulting and SEO services for health

The Magic of SEO

The Life4me project was founded to prevent the spread of HIV and other STIs, hepatitis C, and tuberculosis. There is also a mobile app for people living with HIV.

Our task was to provide digital strategy consulting and build a comprehensive project SEO.

Keeping your disease under control

Data and communication in one place

The key task of the Life4Me project was to develop the principles of comfort control, notification, and communication with the doctor for HIV-positive people.

The peculiar feature of this application is that it was created on the basis of an in-depth analysis of this complex environment and provides just what a person with a similar diagnosis really needs.

The Results

  • Digital Strategy Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO as a Source of Solid and Targeted Traffic

As a starting point, our team worked out a general digital strategy for the Life4me project. It was empowered with the technical on-page SEO, content optimization and internal link structure building for the website.

To boost the on-site optimization, we have also enhanced link profile and increased referral traffic. What’s more, to improve pages conversion rate, special attention was paid to UX/UI consulting.

Putting the words aside, you can check the organic traffic grow yourself.

Solid targeted traffic to healthcare website
Technical on-page SEO for medical project
Content optimization and internal link structure building
Digitize your brand
Make the first step toward custom digital marketing

We’re always ready to take new challenges, dive into complex projects, and make our long-term experience in marketing and IT work for the online success of your healthcare startup or clinic.

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