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CPC Centre Project Overview

If you want to reach new customers and lift brand recognition working in the physiotherapy field, a sound promotion strategy and a crisp website is the right direction to follow.

Lift healthcare brand recognition
Mrank promotion strategy for health niche
Web development and marketing analysis
Physiotherapy promotion strategy

Enhancing Brand Recognition

Complete Health and Performance Centre operates in the physiotherapy field. It provides consultation, fitness training and general rehabilitation services. Being a 52,000 square foot facility, it can fit any goals depending on your age, needs, and abilities: from physiotherapy to one-to-one or athletic training.

Our team received a task to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

Complete Health and Performance Centre marketing promotion
Increase health or medical brand awareness

Rehabilitation and strengthening

Work with a rehabilitation center brand

Combining a sports academy and rehabilitation center, CPC is a project that demonstrates the importance of community and proper work with it.

Brand positioning and building a network of loyal customers, this is what distinguishes this brand from other similar companies.

The Results

As a result of solid market research, we provided digital marketing consulting, developed an online promotion strategy and up-to-date website reaching new customers and raising brand recognition.

Solid market research for health centre
Digital marketing consulting for health center
Healthcare brand positioning and building
Online promotion strategy development
Digitize your brand
Make the first step toward custom digital marketing

We’re always ready to take new challenges, dive into complex projects, and make our long-term experience in marketing and IT work for the online success of your healthcare startup or clinic.

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