Ambrosus Project

Video production and marketing strategy

Ambrosus Project Overview

Video marketing strategy and video creation for a blockchain-based project aimed to optimize the supply chain visibility and quality assurance.

Video production and marketing strategy
Marketing strategy and video content development
Video marketing strategy and motion graphics design
Motion graphics design for a health blockchain

Motion Graphics Rules Marketing?

Using the blockchain technology, Ambrosus builds a community-driven supply chain ecosystem in which each step from a farm to a store, from a plant to a pharmacy is tracked and stored in a digital ledger. It allows to minimize any negative impact on items production and storage as well as provide a user easy access to all necessary information through his smartphone.

Video marketing strategy complex development
Motion graphics complex design
Promotion of blockchain based health project
MRank marketing complex strategy

The supply chain of the new generation

Controlling your food and medicaments at the blockchain level

We liked the Ambrosus project and its ambitious plans to transform the understanding of the quality control in the nutrition and medicine spheres.

We had carefully studied the project to create those marketing materials, promo videos in particular, that would most accurately demonstrate the potential and reliability of the development team.

The Results

Our task was to develop a video marketing strategy and deliver quality and attractive videos for further project promotion through various marketing channels. Such an approach helped to attract new investors for the main funding round and start active project development.

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