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Ad campaigns on social networks, business promotion and optimization, SMM promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more.

Social media marketing opportunities

Every business owner realizes the significance of SMM for a profitable online presence. It is not only a digital medium for sales but a tool that presents an excellent opportunity to approach millions of prospects, to establish strong brand identity and to boost awareness. Clients who order our SMM services turn into our long-term partners because they get:

• Professional design, business pages, and groups creation
• Pages and groups promotion, custom content marketing
• Target PPC campaigns
• Guerrilla marketing and communication with targets in major social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc
• Active social engagement of customers
• Cross-channel marketing
• Social media management, accurate reporting, and analytics.

Social media marketing services from Devenup helped our clients in:

• Enhancing brand awareness
• Staying in touch and having a dialog with customers
• Making their offers go viral
• Prompting users to buy a product or try their services
• Receiving instant feedback and discovering a new way for further improvement
• Boosting website traffic and conversions
Creating expert reputation and positive association with their brand.