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Comprehensive search engive optimization
Regardless of the type of building, facade must be beautiful, original and well-groomed. This website was created in order to help you to get acquainted with the world of facades and find out what kind of material or type of facade is right for you.


  • Google Analytics
  • Key Collector
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Яндекс.Метрика
  • СS Yazzle
  • Gogetlinks
  • Miralinks


Total traffic to the site is an average of 4,500 unique visitors per week. The baseline data before starting work is 0 visitors.

Comprehensive search engive optimization
Comprehensive search engive optimization

Traffic Sources

Search traffic reached 15,000 unique visitors in October 2015. The prevailing search engine traffic is 86%.

Mobile Devices

31% of users come to the site from their mobile devices.

Promotion Strategy

Website promotion was conducted primarily through an external optimization. However, the referential profile, for the most part, consists of purchased links.

Daily Attendance

The peak daily traffic to the site reached 1,150 unique visitors.

Articles Optimization

All articles have been optimized for low and mid-range requests. We collected a semantic core with target facade materials requests.

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