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SEO services our clients get

Audience study Before starting any optimization we carefully research who your website visitors are. An in-depth target customers, industry, and market analysis is a starting point in our work for any website.

Competitors analysis A detailed study of current and potential business rivals, a comprehensive outline of their strengths and weaknesses help our clients to get found before their competitors and us to build the action plan. Gathering semantic core We conduct real marketing research determining the most frequent queries, gather keywords and their synonyms, removing non-target and grouping relevant ones for key pages of the website.

Tech audit One more activity we perform for all our customers. Following the latest SEO prescriptions, we overview the data structure, analyze server settings and HTTPS configuration, website accessibility, software and hosting operation. Internal optimization At this stage, we check usability, optimize content with texts, relinking and tags to make it searchable for search crawlers and engaging for common users, improve overall site structure, microdata and code to increase the loading speed. Setting up analytics How to detect soft spots and measure the success of the activities mentioned above? Install analytics systems.

They allow to receive stats from various traffic sources and plan next move. Social signals We view social signals as a strong ranking factor and integrate this component into our overall SEO strategy.

Benefits of ordering a website SEO

• Sales growth
• Potential customers come from unpaid search results
• Lower customer acquisition cost
• Better visibility is search results
Improved customers targeting
• High return on investment
• Stable business growth.