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Project Support

Websites and projects maintenance and support.

Website maintenance

Any website or project requires close attention, not to mention constant improvements and updates. Opting for a reliable website maintenance clients usually get more free time to focus on their business, while receiving quality maintenance of performance, security and support issues. As for our team, this service includes the following:

• Secure data storage and archive for unforeseen situations
• Website maintenance, functionality enhancement and redesign
• Content management and follow-up revisions upon a request
Professional recommendations and a website usage training. In addition, we can take on the website support at any project stage and take about SEO issues as well. Outsourcing the project support allows to save costs in the long run as it is much easier and cheaper to make small updates on a regular basis than to make big leaps and fix huge issues.

What clients get:

• Secure and stable online presence
• Dedicated website support partner
• Quick functionality fixes
• Quality update or revamp of a website
• Content updating and articles adding
• Comprehensive mentoring support for seemingly unreal tasks
• Improved ranking in search engines and better customers targeting
• Opportunity to keep up with the latest design and development trends.