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Custom Interactive Maps Development

Interactive easy-to-navigate maps for shopping malls and buildings.

Map development for a shopping mall

Understanding the importance of an enhanced shopper experience, the list of our services also includes the development of interactive maps for shopping centers and businesses. It can be difficult for customers and stuff navigate multistore malls, find necessary items or desired shopping destination. An interactive map of a store or a building developed by our team considerably simplifies the task showing customers the exact location and navigating them to it. Easy navigation, quick access from any device, responsiveness and detailed outline of every map element characterize the creation of interactive maps by Devenup.

Working on the development of base maps, maps for shopping malls, interactive maps we provide:

• Concept development and technical design
• Information architecture and interaction design
• Icon design
Individual style and user experience

Real-life results

• Easy visualization of necessary data
• Improved customer services and operation efficiency
• Opportunity to identify areas with high market capacity, optimize sales to meet customers needs
• Locations accessibility evaluation
• Improved clients loyalty and overall reputation
Additional marketing tool