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Mobile Apps Marketing

Improvement and promotion of mobile apps in Play Market and AppStore.

Customers’ gains

 Whether you have developed an app that works like a mobile version of your website to get more leads or run a store and created an app to simplify shopping on mobile devices we help to retain and engage users. Clients get an opportunity to stay focused on the development issues, while our team takes care of mobile games and apps marketing.

First, we carefully analyze data, conduct internal and external website audit, to get a clear understanding of the audience, their interests, and your unique app value.

Then, we work out a mobile marketing strategy, develop store assets, set and manage the campaign to drive the strongest ROI from various channels, like social media, install ads, banners, etc. As the process goes, we continue to study data identifying how to reach more customers and optimizing your app for key platforms and stores. But the work does not stop after the install. We turn to reengagement campaigns to improve users retention.

Benefits of iOS and Android apps marketing

• Optimized budget spends
• Improved app store visibility and better brand awareness
• Greater organic installs
• Enhanced user acquisition and increased conversions
• Higher ranking in the app stores and reduced CPCs