Motion graphics design

Motion graphics design is actively used not only in the video industry, but in the web development as well. It allows to move from the content stativity and vivify a webpage or a site in general. If you want to use motions graphics in a promo or explainer video, you’ve come to the right place.

We carefully think over and prepare a detailed scenario, design future video, splitting it into scenes, and take care of the professional voiceover. As a result, you get a quality ready-to-use product.

Whether you are searching seasoned specialists for your big project or want to try motion graphics for a new product or service as the owner of a small business, we will provide the best solution to cover your specific needs.

Why should you try motion graphics design from Devenup:


Professional voiceovers in multiple languages and with different accents.

Experience speaks louder than words

There are 30+ projects of various complexity on our score.

High quality. Affordable price

You get quality services at a reasonable rate.

Keeping marketing in mind

We not only develop engaging videos. Our experts work on marketing aspects as well.

The whole process of the video production looks like the following:

Video’s scenario and, if necessary, voiceover script working out.

Voiceover recording according to the script. You can select English, Chinese, Russian or another popular language.

Scenes and characters rendering by the agreed script.

Video scenes animation and combining, implementation of the additional effects.

Music and sounds effects adding, their synchronization with the voiceover.

Finalization, minor improvements and project conversion into the ready-to-use video.

Choosing motion graphics design you, for sure, aim to increase your brand recognition, drive engagement and sales.

Let’s get in touch and make motion graphics work for your business.