Isometric graphics

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Isometric projection allows to imitate a three-dimensional design and is successfully applied during the buildings plans drawing, in interactive maps and 2D games, depicting object's perspective at a certain angle. Isometric graphics can animate your website and present a service or a product in an unusual form without the frontend overload.

We have successfully completed numerous tasks in isometry design and have already implemented several projects, that include development of an interactive map for the Hollywood Mall, as well as products illustration for China's largest bitcoin company. Many objects drawn by our team can be successfully used during the two-dimensional isometric style games development.

Our approach to design:

Attention to details

We check the correctness of all details and shadows accuracy.

Isometric drawing types

We draw in rectangular, perspective or oblique projection.

Standards adherence

We implement isometry design with the correct angles and proportions.

Design flexibility

We can draw both a serious project and an amusing game.