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Market Research.

The first step is to conduct market research and analyze your brand in your target market. Numbers allow you to predict paths for further growth.


Modules Integration.

All data received during the first stage is passed through the MRank digital strategy. As a result, the marketing team gets a comprehensive promotion model.



A final digital strategy is a well-knit set of clear rules on how to behave with a brand to make it even more successful and reach your desired goals.

Different scale - single goal

We at Devenup Health develop two types of modular strategies.

These strategies have proved efficient in servicing a number of healthcare projects with varying complexities.

Our works
Healthcare development basic strategy
MRank Basic

For small clinics and field-specific medical startups.

Healthcare development advanced strategy
MRank Advanced

For big clinics and medical startups.

What we do while working with your brand

Current results analysis and new goals.

Channel allocation for your healthcare brand development.

Tool development or improvement plan for brand presentation online, including social media and website.

Promotion strategy for marketing channels.

Content production strategy.

Communication models with the target audience.

For many years we have worked on developing skills that allow us to build effective promotion strategies.

Our team consists of healthcare specialists, seasoned IT engineers, and marketers. Combining years-long practical knowledge and experience, we create effective marketing strategies that will vault your brand to the top.

Marketing strategy - 7 years Experience

Digital marketing - 9 years Experience

Community management - 5 years Experience

Data Analysis - 9 years Experience

What do I get?

Digital strategy consulting equips you with a custom and comprehensive action plan for your online healthcare brand development. Of course, we provide our own MRank modular strategy and a clear vector for your company’s growth.

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Websites and mobile apps for healthcare brand
Web and Apps Development

Websites and mobile apps that fit the special requirements of the healthcare domain. Interact with your customers online.

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Digital Health Marketing

SEO, SMM and content creation based on our MRank marketing technology. A promotion that works for healthcare.

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Healthcare SEO Services

Healthcare focused SEO optimization, to bring target visitors to your website and convert them into leads.

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We’re always ready to take new challenges, dive into complex projects, and make our long-term experience in marketing and IT work for the online success of your healthcare startup or clinic.

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