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Not only rising startups but established companies as well adopt new technology, come up with fresh ideas and far-reaching projects positioning themselves for ICO.   

2017 showed that the ICO sector became more crowded but only 48% of initial coin offerings got ahead of their competitors rising $5,6 billions in total. 25% of all funds went to 10 biggest ICOs among which there were:

  • Polkadot - $395 millions
  • Huobi - $300 millions
  • Tezos - $230,5 millions
  • Filecoin - $257 millions
  • EOS - $196,9 millions.

Not to mention that ICO takes about 2% of IPO (Initial Public Offering). 255 projects based on blockchain have added to their budgets $13,2 millions on average last year.

The growing interest for ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) is not going to fade away. New blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures will have to think out-of-the-box and plan comprehensive tailor-made marketing strategies from the very first day. Are you ready to take the challenge? Our ICO digital marketing guideline will help to revitalize your existing techniques and discover new ways of creating a successful ICO marketing strategy.

CTA Website and White Paper

Starting a website development for ICO remember that it’s a benchmark of your project offering and a key channel for investors attraction.

Transparency builds trust. A responsive and easy-to-navigate website, crisp design, detailed information about the project and the team behind it set the right, positive first impression.

White paper for ICO

Include clear call-to-action to catch visitor’s attention, but do not give empty promises. A carefully planned layout, quality, unique content and the big takeaway should fit the expectations of your innovative product. 

No doubt it’s possible to select any channel for further project promotion. But the website hubs all marketing routes.

You may have a top-notch website, but get low conversion rates and poor investments without a solid and professional white paper.

An ICO white paper is a kind of an informational guide for investors that helps them to determine whether your project is worth investing time and money or not.

Since ICOs proved to be a good investment, the competition has also increased. Fact is, there are relevant ICO white paper guidelines to follow and win your audience. Take a look:

  • A quality white paper, outlining how the technology of the blockchain project works, can give a rise to your idea, whereas a bad white paper can definitely send it to the bottom.
  • It should be more like a science paper filled in with an extremely detailed, clear and concise information about the product, current market situation and the ways it can be commercialized.
  • Do not forget to introduce the project team. It’s necessary to include links to their LinkedIn profiles. Have reputed and reliable partners and investors? They should be in your white paper as well.
  • Thoroughly explain the token release terms. What will be their value? What platform are you going to use to issue them? Specify the redemption process and how many tokens will be kept by founders and project pioneers.

Want more? Go to the next step.

PPC Digital Advertising

You may think that a PPC campaign is just a ticket to letting the world know about your project and jump-starting the tokens selling. But! 

There is a talk that a ban on ICO PPC advertising is going to come in its full force and effect this summer. Those blockchain project owners who had tried to make this marketing channel work for them, have probably already experienced negative Google’s attitude towards search ads campaigns build on ICO- and cryptocurrency-relevant keywords.

The thing to remember is that Google, as any other service provider, protects users’ safety. As a result, he labels campaigns with such keywords as high-risk investment projects.

Should we expect the full ban this year? Who knows? But there are alternative and no less effective marketing channels. Consider ICO video production and banner ads.

PPC Digital advertising strategy for ICO

The content you present must have an appeal, encourage and motivate the website visitors and early supporters to invest in your new project. A startup video production is a brilliant solution. It is a quick and easy format for describing your idea, introducing the project, its pioneers and for revealing your true strengths.

Think over and prepare an efficient video advertising strategy for ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

  • Apart from the motion graphics, you can try banner ads with retargeting across relevant platforms.
  • Favored by the blockchain and crypto community, Telegram is one of the key channels for finding your target audience.
  • Consider the YouTube comments. They can help to generate leads and market the startup.
  • You can no longer run ICO ad campaigns on Facebook and Tweeter, but can find thousands of crypto followers there. ICOs, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain are widely discussed in Facebook groups. Try to create and constantly update your own community.

You still have time to explore new ICO video advertising channels this year.

Social Media Marketing

If we consider SMM for Initial Coin Offering, the channel is mostly used for communication with the target audience. Such social networks as Reddit, Telegram, LinkedIn, Quora, Medium and topic-specific forum as is on the top of the list.  Some of them are hard nuts to crack. Be ready to dedicate a good deal of your time and efforts staying available 24/7 for social media marketing.

ico social media marketing

Still, this is the most budget-friendly marketing channel and a great targeted source of high exposure. Done right, it can be actively utilized for bounty programs, to reach more donors, investors, and stakeholders; for ad campaigns, if possible; for a strong community building around your ICO.

ICO direct marketing

This is probably one of the most conventional marketing methods and one of the most effective channels for communication with leads. Naturally, you will need to come up with a clever email marketing strategy for ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Sending unsolicited emails you risk your reputation, can face financial penalties and even lose this channel for further marketing activities. But do not worry. There is a solution: permission email marketing.

Get the subscribers consent to send them commercial messages. You can inform really interested followers about the recent updates, your plans, achievements and scheduled initiatives. Why to bother yourself with permission-based email lists? Impactful open and click-through rates, high sales and revenue levels are the results worth working for.

To save your time and budget on mailing lists management, messages design and tracking, you can use MailChimp or any other paid solution for that purpose.

To extend the list of available email marketing options, you can try messaging potential investors on LinkedIn. Luckily, there are a plethora of groups covering blockchain and ICO with thousands of members. Just do not be too annoying.

Hope our brief ICO email marketing guidelines will help you to boost marketing efforts.

Mass Media & PR

Regardless of the number of new marketing channels, PRs for startups help quickly spread the message, get a wide-reaching exposure and quality backlinks to the website.

Paid and free press-releases distribution on prime crypto-sphere specific websites, guest blogging on relevant platforms... Who does not do it?

But what your competitors may still neglect is mass media marketing on not so target-audience-stuffed but no less popular resources dedicated to business, finance, innovation, and startups. Do not make the same mistake.

You can get a constant visitors flow from a bit less relevant websites. Plus, these visitors may convert into your biggest investors.

To make it work for you, focus on explaining everything in simple terms, creating press-releases with a detailed project outline, and high CTA.

If you assure the reader that your project today is the future tomorrow he won’t do without, the chances to win his interest and stir the desire to invest in the project rocket sky-high.


Any ICO bounty program built right takes a leading position in ICO marketing. It’s a common practice to reward followers with free project tokens for posts, re-posts, sharing opinions and friends involvement.

Initial coin offering bounty program

An Initial Coin Offering bounty campaign is an indispensible part of the pre-sale route and a method that will help you to keep stakeholders and investors on the post-ICO stage.

The bounty program should be carefully balanced. Too little rewards tend to show low marketing campaign results. Too many tokens given away may raise doubts about the financial viability of the project.

What’s the magic formula? Focus on the careful planning and smart implementation.

Video Marketing

The final add to your ICO marketing resources is the idea of video marketing for a blockchain project. In this sphere, YouTube works really well for leads generation and community building. This is where you can meet and keep the target audience engaged with your project, especially when you have a breathtaking video in your arsenal similar to the Ambrosus project:



ICO video promotion may include:

  • Channel creation and maintenance.
  • Videos publication about the project and its milestones.
  • Reaction to comments and questions.
  • Interaction with other relevant YouTube channels for self-promotion.
  • YouTube Live streams and Ask Me Anything sessions.

The last option is extremely effective for building brand awareness, gathering target audience and increasing loyalty.

Live streams provide an excellent opportunity for potential investors and future customers to clarify questions, ask for more details and get swift replies.

Whether you’ll do it yourself or select professional services of video development for a startup, the game is worth the candle.

Final Ideas to Remember About

This is the part where we’re going to sum up the key points of a successful ICO marketing strategy:

  • Take the full advantage of live streams and АМА (Ask Me Anything) sessions.
  • Stop considering your idea in the product-customer context. View your target audience as the most reliable helpers, an ever-living source of support. Long to inspire them by your project and not just raise funds.
  • Stay as transparent as possible. Do not be afraid to show problems you face and the ways you can solve them. Investing, people what to see what they are paying for, meet the team behind the project, check its experience, and interests.
  • Outsource the marketing part and the website development. Partner with a qualified team that has working expertise in ICO, can provide quality services, save you a good deal of time and guard against unwanted expenses.

Have something to add? Feel free to leave us a comment.

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