The Importance of Websites Development for Malls

Can you find a person, who does not know what a website is? Is there a man, who does not have a smartphone or a tablet? And finally, how many customers did not look up their favourite stores or shopping centres on the web to check out upcoming sales or working hours? Ready to bet, answers to all these questions, for the most part, will be “No” or “None”.

A smartphone, a laptop or any other gadget is the last thing we look at before going to sleep, and the first item we check after waking up in the morning. Opportunities modern devices and the great Web open for us are close upon limitless. And we use this freedom to meet new people and communicate, to share experience and entertain ourselves, to find and cite the places we go, to buy and sell things.

Website design for Mall

Knowing this all-absorbing tendency, most players of the retail market have already gone online. You own a mall and still do not have a website? Do not lessen its importance for shopping centres and do not lose your chance to reach vast marketing strategies and grow your business. 

If you know who and where your customers are, make it easier for them to reach you, to interact with you, to find relevant shopping destinations and spend their money. Go online. Consider the most important aspects of websites for malls and the key benefits you get from this reinforcement.


Differentiation and recognition

When you have a variety of retail stores and entertainment destinations hosted under one roof, the shopping centre website itself should present a clear and a distinct map of locations. Differentiation and recognition are the main guidelines to follow and this principle was implemented by our team in the project for the Hollywood Mall.

Each store, restaurant or entertainment centre has a separate page with the detailed information and description. As an example, visiting the Multiplex Cinema page a customer can find a well- structured general information about the place, visit a website, check working hours and phone number, find links to follow updates in social networks, read information about prices, discounts, view photos and check the location on the interactive map.

Website development for Mall

The crisp and clear website for a shopping centre is able not only to generate more leads that turn into real customers visiting the mall but also enhances the loyalty of current and potential tenants.  It is a direct and trustworthy tool for their business promotion even when, for some reason, they are not present online. And who does not want to cooperate with a landlord that provides plus points for business expansion and growth?

Advanced functionality and better user experience

What is the first emotion a person is likely to experience when finding himself in a huge shopping centre for the first time? Confusion. Where to go and how to find the necessary store? Follow signs and markings? Maybe. But, to tell the truth, we tend to cut corners and constant development with graphic design of digital technologies only foster this tendency, reshaping customers expectations. The function of malls gets shifted towards better user experience online and offline, useful and intuitive shopping and entertainment destination.

To stay a successful, relevant player, drive growth and boost efficiency, invest in web development. Apart from the online presence, the extended website functionality will only add points to the positive reputation of your shopping mall.  How? Consider the implementation of an interactive map with search suggestion. This solution is especially relevant for large, multi-level malls, where shoppers need quickly to find what they are looking for.

Motion design and animation for Mall

Here how it was done for the Hollywood Mall.  Customers can use a convenient search to find a store online, visit a dedicated page to read useful information, or even navigate within the mall using their smartphone as the map was made mobile-friendly. 

Barriers between online and offline blur. Malls are taking an active role in shaping the shopping experience. Stay in-step with trends and you win not only customers but tenants’ devotion as well.

Smart data management and saved costs

Leveraging technology for digital transformation of retail presents new and more significant opportunities to captivate customers throughout their shopping travels. A website is a tool that allows to extend relationships with customers far after the mall visit. It helps to create deeper bonds by means of loyalty programs, promote new tenants, gather true-life ideas for new stores or roll out target ads.


Development and website design for Mall

Once you have decided to utilize digital capabilities to enhance your shopping center standing among tenants and visitors, take some time to analyze and choose a reliable vendor. Concise data management is extremely important for a successful website operation. Two scenarios can happen: when all information is structured by stores and contacts or when everything is a mess and updates are submitted behind the schedule.

In the first case, timely updates receiving and clear process of data input simplify the development process and quality website support, which saves your money spent on the development and improves your reputation in the long run. The second scenario is not such promising.

The Importance of Websites Development for Malls


People visit your website to get the most recent and relevant updates from stores they love. If you cannot provide that, data relevance, as well as your website credibility, and reputation go down, not to mention development budget overruns caused by constant improvements and endless issue fixes. So, think twice before making a choice.

What it’s all about

A storm of digital trends we face every day changes our lives and influences expectations. It’s not just about traditional shopping these days. New opportunities for and formats of clients outreach shape the way business operates. It is your time to take the advantage of going web. Having a reliable services provider, able to apply his hands-on experience in the web development sphere and creative approach, will bring more benefits for your further growth. 

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