Top Secrets of a Promo Video Production

Creating a Quality Promo Video

Video content is changing the way we perceive information. It leads to higher exposure, improved ROI and increased brand awareness. You can post it on social media, use for the ad or email marketing campaign or simply place it on your website. The only condition is that to catch visitors’ attention you should create a quality animated promotional video.

But what actually makes a good promo video?

  1. Focus on a good script. The ideal promo video length is from 30 to 60 seconds. Following this timeframe, it is essential not to overwrite. Concentrate on the key idea, on what you have to say. When the first draft is ready, review every word. Make sure you convey your message briefly, clearly and concisely.
  2. Start with a personal bond. Establish it from the outset, maintain and develop up to the finish. Introduce your character or yourself in the opening, try to sound and behave real, human to make visitors like your ideas and to help identify themselves with the character.
  3. Do not forget about the action. It does not imply that your video should look likes and blockbuster, stuffed with explosions and flying cars. The character should be on the move. Opt for action-packed scenes and a dynamically changing scenery. Keep things interesting. It works for holding audience attention. 
  4. Spark the interest. A rhetorical question or a common problem/experience will plant the seed of curiosity. First, make people care about your product or service. Second, proceed with describing the solution or answering the question. Your product is what we have been waiting for. Tell us how can it help or what benefits it brings.
  5. Present an explicit call to action (CTA). Now, when you have outlined the advantages, state what a customer should do, where to navigate to make a purchase. The worst thing is to leave your audience in the dark about the next step. Verify that the CTA stands out. No matter whether it is situated below the video or within its end-frame.
  6. Match it with your marketing strategy. You want to introduce your brand, showcase a product or support a sales campaign? Based on the goals you are targeting, each video will look different. To save time and money, you’d better to thoroughly plan the production process and make sure the end product fits current marketing strategy.
  7. Add a catchy tagline in the end. Try to combine the key characteristics of the brand, product and the added value in one line. It must describe what your product does and what benefits the customers gets. It should be short and memorable to form a solid association with your brand.

Examples to Check

A good promotional video for business is worth a thousand words. Let’s take a look at the examples that have already helped business owners to reach their marketing objectives.

Accend Networks Promo Video

Category: IT, System Architecture

Devenup Promotional Video

Category: Digital services

Ambrosus Promotional Video

Category: Blockchain, Food

Phil Universe - Promo Video Development & Design

Category: Books

What for to Create a Promo Video?

As you can see, animated promotional videos can suit numerous purposes. Among the key of them there are:

  • Company introduction by telling who you are, describing the mission or highlighting important segments.
  • Product or service promotion through demonstration, by explaining how something works, what value it adds.
  • Problem/solution by showcasing the benefits and outlining how the offer can improve the lives of customers.

Promo video marketing helps to connect with the target audience, interest and turn them into customers.

If you still have some doubts about using video content for business promotion, keep reading to discover top benefits promo videos grant.

Expanded reach

With this content type, you can access huge traffic sources, like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, reach a multi-million auditory and make them hear about your business. The best part: posting here is absolutely free.

You can also embed a video on the website, post it on social media or use when sending emails. People tend to share videos better. Why? Go to the next point.

More sharable content

To interest the audience, you should speak the language they understand. This is a real challenge for tech companies trying to explain potential customers a complex notion or describe the essence of their product. But it can be easily done using funny animations and motion graphics. And if you come across a piece of fantastical video content that helps you to overcome some challenge why not to share it?

Improved SEO

It’s no longer a secret that searching online users prefer video results. More than that, search engines themselves favor this content type granting owners free traffic and directing streams of qualified visitors that may become loyal customers.

With a promo video on the website, you get more time to convince visitors to try your product or service. They stay for longer watching the story. It also increases the engagement rate, one of the key ranking factors.

digital marketing trends

Besides, you can get more backlinks from reputable sources, increase the website authority and jump higher in search results. Not bad, right?

More personalized brand

Customers prefer to deal with someone they know and trust. But it cannot be accomplished with a plain content alone. Who has time to read it?

If you want people to connect with your brand, form a strong emotional bond, promo video will help to show your true personality and put a face to your message. Constantly add new videos and you’ll ensure a continuous flow of return customers.

Better competitive advantage

There is hardly a business niche without an intense competition. There is hardly a business owner who does not want to outplay his opponents. Promo video can become your game changer.

It allows to be more transparent than competitors, get up closer with visitors and show your product or service in action. Other market players may be missing out this competitive advantage. Do not make the same mistake.

Returning visitors and customers satisfaction

It’s a tough task to win new customers. Returning visitors become very precious as they have higher chances to convert. As it was mentioned before, new engaging videos make audience coming for more over and over again. Customers cannot try or feel your product, but you can visualize what you are selling, show how it works and what benefits it gives.

Likewise, promo videos help to avoid false expectations. People get an understanding about what they are paying for. It leads to the improved customers satisfaction and reduced return rates.

Promo video vs. corporate video

You have already heard these terms numerous times. The trick is that many consider them to be interchangeable. Although there are similarities between the two, they serve completely different purposes.

Promotional vs. corporate video

Check a brief outline of the main differences between promo and corporate video to get a crystal clear understanding about what video type fits your marketing goals.

Promo video

Corporate video


On a specific product, service or event. It sells or promotes a product, service or an event.

On the business as a whole. It describes your product or service.


B2C marketing

B2B marketing


It’s shorter and more entertainment-based.

It sets a more serious tone, providing information about the company and may include private or sensitive details.


Created for spreading across the web, on social media to attract as many leads as possible.

Can operate only within the business (i.e. ideas outline, training).


  • For a marketing campaign (email, social media, paid ads), new product or service launch.
  • For buzz generation on social media.
  • Posting on a website for conversions increase.
  • For showcasing company’s expertise, testimonials.
  • For a new product or service presentation.
  • For providing training, instruction.
  • For business partner meetings.

Target audience

  • Current and prospect customers online and offline.
  • Investors.
  • Potential business partners.
  • Current and prospect customers online and offline.
  • Investors.
  • Shareholders.
  • Potential business partners.
  • Employees.


One cannot deny that video production is among the top marketing techniques. Especially these days, when videos get actively shared and spread online.

Knowing which type is the best one for your company, you can embed it in your marketing strategy and utilize its promotional potential to the fullest.

How to Make a Viral Promo Video?

No doubt that creating promotional videos for business you aim to attract as much target audience as possible. There are great examples that prove: in some cases, the success of the marketing campaign depends more on a viral promotional video than or a product or service itself.

1) “Smell like a man, man.” Remember the phrase? It was simply impossible not to mention this video from the Old Spice Campaign. There is hardly a person who did not watch it. More than 54 million views on YouTube. It can be definitely called a viral promo video.

2) Meet one of the most viewed videos of 2013. This is Dove Real Beauty Sketches. It got more than 114 million views in the first month and a significant increase of the brand subscribers and followers. 

3) This is a fresh and hot marketing campaign of  2018 - “Alexa Lost Her Voice”. Featuring the Amazon Echo product that helps to interact with virtual assistant Alexa, the promo video has already gathered more than 48 million views and its popularity continues to grow.

Aim for the same result? There is no secret formula but practical tips for creating a successful and popular promo video.

  1. Present only crisp, high-quality videos, always using a clear call to action.
  2. Remember about the time. A good video is a short video. You have 60 seconds or even less to properly demonstrate you offer.
  3. Make sure your video is entertaining and informative.
  4. Location matters. Place your video on the top of relevant pages, like home, landing or dedicated product/service page. 
  5. Know your audience and share stories people want to hear.
  6. Provide value. Make sure your video is educational and helpful for the target audience. 
  7. Focus on a single message and aim to awake a single emotion. 
  8. Take care of the SEO. Do the keyword research, optimize video title, description, captions, file name as well as use proper tags.
  9. Do not forget about sharing it on social media, posting on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.
  10. Stay as honest and transparent about what you are promoting as possible.

Over to You

If you’re looking for new ways to connect with the audience and grow your business, try to explore video marketing. With a bright idea for a promo video, you give your business a chance to shine over the competitors.


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