TOP Search Engine Promotion Trends for 2018


What 2017 will be remembered for?

Among the main optimization criteria, according to Google, there are:

  • Domain age and authority, proxy indicators: IP, WhoIs data publicity, keyword occurrence, regionality, etc.
  • Website security ensured by HTTPS. Google emphasized the importance of and paid special attention to this factor at the beginning of the year. So, if you are still using the SSL protocol, there is a chance to correct that.
  • Content quality: its length, comprehensiveness; images, videos, infographics and tables usage. The correctness of the H1-H6 mark-up, keywords density in the text and compliance of the Title and Description with the text itself should also be added to the list.
  • Mobile-friendliness. This factor is of critical importance not only for search engines, but for users as well. The recipe for success is quite simple: the more accurately your website is rendered on smartphones and tablets, the closer you are to reaching conversion goals: purchases, blog subscriptions, adding to favourites, services ordering.

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  • Web page load speed. Just as the previous item, this factor is more relevant for visitors. One should “speed up” the page to 1-2 seconds since longer load will impact the bounce rate, session time and, needless to say, conversion as well. Minimize the number of scripts being downloaded from third-party sources, use gzip image compression, caching, and forget about the frames appliance as they negatively influence your website.
  • Traffic from social media.
  • Link profile: the number of domains referring to your website, link anchors, domain quality, nesting, etc. 

What SEO trends will remain important in 2018?

Apparently, these factors will remain at the top of optimization merits:

  • Traffic from social media
  • Responsiveness and load speed
  • Domain age, authority, and security.

Speaking about the factors which were popular in 2017, not all of them will stay so relevant. The thing is that search engines actively apply neural networks to provide users with the most consistent results.

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It will mostly affect commercial websites.  If your website, for example, is in the Top of cleaning services by the Czech Republic, Google will still use regional search results. When a user from Prague will want to order cleaning services, search engines will primarily show website and offices of the companies that are closer to the user’s location on the map.

As for the link profile or the number of domains that refer to your website, they will also undergo certain changes: search engines will play closer attention at affiliation with the domain region: (.au–.au), (, ( and so on. You should also try to increase referral traffic as it has a great impact on the website representation and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Prime search engine optimization factors for 2018

Link profile

  1. Focus on building the link profile within your region or country.
  2. External links should be identical or related to the website topic.
  3. Select backlinks by the following domain criteria: age, PR, link profile.
  4. Use Ahrefs and Semrush applications for the quality backlinks analysis.

Load speed

Try to reach the green zone of the Google PageSpeed Insight tool with your website.

top seo trends 2018

  1. Use caching plug-ins, like WordPress Fastest Cache for WordPress and Jot Cache for Joomla websites.
  2. Optimize the server response speed.


It is useful to apply Google AMP. Test rending correctness of the whole website and each image on Android, iOS and in different browsers.  According to the recent research from Statista, traffic growth from mobile devices was 43,05% in the third quarter of 2017 and it makes a 3% increase each quarter.

Percentage of mobile device

Technical search engine optimization factors in 2018

  1. Turn your attention to the content and presentation fullness. Strike the right balance between the content length and information accuracy. This aspect is very important not only for topical blogs, but for commercial websites as well, when we speak about products and services descriptions with prices, characteristics and comparisons. Extend the website semantic core with low-frequency queries.  Based on the Google report, 1 from 5 search queries is received from voice search.
  2. Do not forget about the mark-up: Schema, H1-H6, ALT. Alt will help to get additional impressions and clicks in search results, especially if your website falls into the visuals category: interior design, automotive design, etc.

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Make a rule of using the JSON-LD or Microdata mark-up when publishing articles or products on the website. It shows search engines exactly what kind of information is on your website. First of all, markup contacts, information about your business and already available products to increase the number of impressions and for the extended snippets in the Top of search results.

Behavioral factors in SEO for 2018

To the behavioral factors we refer:

  • Visit depth
  • Visit duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion.

Depending on the website structure and size, specify for yourself the key factors, which should constantly grow. This means, if you own a corporate website or a one-page landing is simply impossible to increase, for example, the visit depth. It is worth to focus your attention on the conversion rate optimization and on the minimization of the bounce rate.

Behavior factors in SEO for 2018

Google continues to contend that contextual advertising in AdWords influences ranking. They are right to some extent. But ad campaigns improve the impression-click CTR, reduce the bounce rate and increase conversions. So, if your topic is not too competitive in the specific region, consider starting a quality ad campaign in Google AdWords.

Summing up

No matter what surprises search engines have in store for us in 2018, follow the idea of presenting people-oriented websites and content. Useful information, quality products and services will always be discussed in the comments, shared on social networks and quoted by other users. These factors Google definitely won’t set aside.

Hope this insight was useful for you and we always welcome your comments. We wish you inspiration and to get to the Top of search results.:)

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