Top 6 Benefits of Motion Graphics for Your Brand

Quality videos for today’s business are an indispensable promotion tool. Motion graphics is a perfect fit if you want your message to the audience sound simple and straightforward. More social and search traffic, better engagement and boosted conversion are among the benefits you gain.

Besides, why not to use one of the key senses, vision, to help your customers comprehend the information more easily and much quicker? An interesting content, eye-catching imagery and spirit stirring music redouble perception of new, complex information. For retailers, it means that if a buyer will watch their product video, he is more likely to visit the website, buy the product on offer or even double the order size.

For service providers, motion graphics is a brand storyteller, able to enhance interaction and engagement in less time. For marketing sharks, it is one of the best tools for product branding, continuous brand recall, and a new product promotion.

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To create good custom motion graphics, you need to invest time, money and effort. Even when you assign this task to professionals, one question still remains: “What benefits will I receive from it?”. Here is the answer.

Reason #1

Real-time feedback

Videos get more comments. It is not a secret that your potential customers, given a choice, will more likely watch a video than read a product or service description. Who does not like to comment funny shots or discuss them with friends? It is an endless source for getting customers’ opinion about the product and company in general. Careful feedback analysis outlines the right direction for further improvements and updates. In addition, it is one more way of constantly staying in touch with your audience.

Reason #2

Brand recognition

Original, neat and eye-catching videos people remember more easily. And the power of visual memory cannot be underestimated. It is twice more likely that a user will recognize your brand coming across a service or a product you offer for the second time. Simplified message presented in the more attractive way gets easily comprehended and longer retained. The versatility of motion graphics allows to adjust it to the type of audience or specific age group you want to reach.

Anything from a short video to a fully fledged movie can become an instant success. Even a small character can become so popular that a company will be able to introduce new products, services and interact with the audience on his behalf.

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Reason #3

Social engagement

Sometimes we just get crazy about new cool videos. We not only watch and share feedback but want our friends to see them too. A good video can be spread across social networks in a matter of a few minutes or even seconds, advertising your brand.  The impact of social networks on decision-making has been already studied inside out. To set the wheel running at the starting point, you need to encourage customers to share the video and your brainchild will go live.

Reason #4

Conversion and SEO – search engine optimization

Most of the content we see on the Internet is a text data. The competition is high; everyone strives to reach higher positions in search results and crafts texts to be no less than perfect. In the video content world, the competition is not so tense. If there is a video made to promote your brand, users are more likely to see it on the first page of search results when googling relevant keywords. What a chance to reach your customers!

Not to mention backlinks and positive impact on your website ranking. Here SEO comes into the game. To improve your standing even more, take care of relevant headline keywords, correct tags and good description.

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Reason #5

Better competitiveness

Want to succeed? Be unique in what you are offering. Video marketing is not something new. The most successful market players have been using it for decades driving stunning results. The thing is that technology is constantly evolving, new approaches to video creation appear and you do not need to hire professional actors, rent a studio and pay for the expensive equipment to make a video. It all became much simpler.

With motion graphics, you will spend considerably less time and money on the creation of an original and neat video. It will convey key selling points, but not overcomplicate the message and lose visual appeal at the same time.

Reason #6

Appealing content

Similar to a well-known saying about a picture and ten thousand words, the aptitude and impact of a video are tremendous. Colorful graphics combined with seemingly boring information present an amazing synthesis able to pass the message to your audience in the interesting and attractive way.

Complex ideas, statistics and facts can be easily turned into engaging content. Here how it was done for a blockchain startup Ambrosus:



If you need to explain how your product works, how customers can benefit from it or why they should try your service, motion graphics can do it in just a few seconds. There is no need to waste a good deal of time creating tedious content users are more likely to ignore. Animation and motion of various graphic elements adds vividness and energy to your story, making it really easy for the audience to grasp key ideas and focus attention on important messaging.

Do not be afraid to generate additional buzz around your brand. Creating memorable stories now is far much easier than you have thought.

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Make a decision

Motion graphics can become a perfect ally and a brand messenger for almost any company. It has the power to entertain, inspire and prompt to take an action you most require. Whether the end-goal is to promote a new product or service using search engine optimization and creating brand book, increase brand recognition or social shares with social media marketing, succeed in retargeting or master a new sales tool, a captivating video will meet the challenges.