The importance of clear scope of work

When starting to work on a project, you have to outline a work scope to set distinct boundaries and not to bump into issues like a crucial deadline or mandatory deliverable along the way. In addition, a clear scope of work will help to bypass unnecessary headaches for both your team and clients.

It is great when all your crew and stakeholders get a clear vision of what is planned and what to expect, perfectly know their responsibilities and obtainable expectations, isn’t it?

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The scope of work is a foundation of the future project and a first step in the discovery process. It mitigates the likelihood of a failure or miscommunication with the client and outlines milestones, deadlines and deliverables. Simply put, it is an action plan able to save your time, money and reputation. And these are three pillars of the successful company operation, which can come into danger in the critical or unpredictable situation that may arise during the development process.

So, let’s consider each point.


Needless to say that it will take some time to outline each and every aspect of the future project. Fully and clearly defined scope of work from the onset saves everyone’s time in the long run. Team size and involvement of additional stuff, necessary skills base and quality assurance, overtime or work on weekends and much more.

All this information should be mapped from the very beginning to provide accurate project estimates and warn of cost or schedule blowouts.

Plus points

  • Clarified roles and responsibilities.
  • Precise estimate.
  • Smooth-running development process.
  • High performance and motivation.

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Every client wants not only to get a just quote but also to know on what precisely the money will be spent throughout the development process. This is exactly what a project work scope provides. Additional resources involvement, flaws fixing or returning to previously closed tasks, as a result of an inaccurate work scope, imply additional expenses.  And it is not the best foundation for the long-term partnership.

Both sides should understand that if there is no clear scope of work, there will be no project delivered within the planned time frame and budget.

Plus points

  • A fair quote.
  • No budget overruns.
  • Effective timeline.
  • Ability to met clients expectations.

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A good name is better than riches. Your reputation, especially if it is spread by the word of mouth, is everything is the business world. Everyone wants to work with a reliable vendor, able to match deadline and provide quality services. Meet these expectations.

Sketchy scope of work looks unprofessional and may cost you a name of the reliable service provider. With the detailed project scoping you get more efficient monitoring and controlling over the implementation process, mitigate risks and issues, as well as attract supporter and distinguish yourself from competitors.

Plus points

  • Cost efficiency.
  • Hassle-free project.
  • Repeat business.
  • Referrals from satisfied customers.

Clear scope of work is a foundation of and a guide to better understanding between parties involved in the development process. One of the key aspects of working out a detailed scope of work is communication.

One should not only follow clients’ requests but, based on his previous experience, approach and recommend the best solution for the project implementation and its direction in general. 

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Bottom line

Lucid scope of work sometimes takes more of your time initially, but its importance cannot be underestimated. It is a shield against an endless development cycle and trust breach. It is a guardian of your time, money and reputation. 

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