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Why Promotional Video Production is so Important for FinTech

FinTech or financial technology is a relatively fresh term usually applied to any innovative technology used to design and deliver financial services in a better and faster way.

It completely changes or, even better to say, modifies the way companies interact with their customers, helps to do business more professionally and grants wider access to financial services. Such business segments as fundraising, mobile payments, loans, investment and asset management have already experienced the positive impact of FinTech, while we can track a continuously growing interest in this topic according to Google Trends:

No doubts the FinTech sector will continue to evolve and conquer new market segments. For now, it has mainly succeeded in the digital payments sphere and, according to the infographics from Wirecard and Statista, will grow 3.9% every year until 2020.

Providing a high level of automation and operations speed, FinTech will get wider appliance in Consumer and Business finance, like investment, crowdfunding and business lending by 2020.

Having leading FinTech economies, China (€487b) and USA (€430b), along with the United Kingdom (€146b) and Germany (€48b), share the two-thirds of the global transaction value for this sector.

comparison of leading fintech economies

Digging deeper, you’ll be surprised to learn how strongly FinTech interlinked with finance. When mobile payments are no longer a theory, 28.2% of all FinTechs in Germany cooperate with banks. Four top banks use the advantages new technology has to offer and 2 of them even run their own investment incubators in this country. A streamline worth following, isn’t it?

As it was mentioned above, online and mobile payments have made the greatest impact on the financial sector over the last years. Following the stats for the mobile payments growth in the United States, we can expect an average annual growth rate up to 62% or nearly $275 billion by 2021.

Infographic: Mobile Payment Volume to Increase Tenfold by 2021 | Statista


Blockchain and FinTech

It’s not a secret that blockchain mainly associates with cryptocurrencies. The fact is that this technology has moved far beyond finding numerous applications in our everyday life and granting extensive business opportunities.

The FinTech sector is not an exception. Blockchains have the power and potential to make finance more dynamic: a decentralized network for a secure information sharing and unchangeable data transfer. Secure Contacts have only added more pros to utilizing this technology in FinTech.

Little wonder that analyzing the blockchain investment by industry, financial services take the second place. More and more startups prefer to focus on FinTech. Their popularity grew up to 36% over the last 3 years.

Observing the quick rise and huge success of the top FinTech startups, like Ripple, Kabbage, Coinbase, Robinhood and Stripe, one may assume that it’s as easy as ABC to come up with a brilliant idea, catch the investor’s eye for a substantial funding and become a generally recognized market leader. Hold on! The truth is rather different.

To have an idea or even a ready solution is not enough for the investments and users retention. You have to find the right form for broadcasting your philosophy or product essence in short and clear form.

If this is what you are currently thinking about, let us simplify the task and offer you a solution: try animated promotional video for FinTech.

FinTech Video Production

There is hardly a better way to connect with your audience and stakeholders than a promo video production. It’s your tool for quick communication, for building powerful relationship and for providing the key information your clients need.

Done right, a promotional video for a FinTech startup will help to differentiate you from other market players, easily explain game-changing FinTech developments and keep customers interested in your innovations.

But how to find the best format and what principles to follow? Take a look at a few examples of animated promotional videos for FinTech. Maybe they will inspire you and help to discover new marketing ideas.

Adyen Fintech Video

This character-based FinTech explainer video features how Adyen controls all points of sale payments across Europe. This technology company presented a comprehensive payment flow management and found the best way of showing the principles of their work to business leads.

Klarna Fintech Video

Klarna Checkout from Nord Nord on Vimeo.

In this 2D explainer example, a leading provider of payment and financial solutions for e-commerce in Europe shows how business owners can benefit from ultimate payment tools.

Combine a great design, clear idea outline with a comprehensive process description and your customers will watch your video up to the last second.

NEM Fintech Video

Cryptocurrency is a complex notion. This motion graphics is a great example of how crisp design and a well thought-out script can comprehensively outline the startup essence and show its impact on commerce, trade, and finance in less than two minutes.

Hungry for more? Here you can find more examples.

Components of a Good Promo Video

Do you what to know why the described promotional videos for FinTech startups are so engaging? Along with the life-changing innovations they feature, there is much more they have in common:

  • Relevance and narrow focus. You can only touch your audience with the relevant message. If you know their desires, needs, and fears, you can reach them on an emotional level and attract attention to your brand. Just remember that there is a 90 seconds mark for the idea outline you should not break.  Leave unnecessary information out and keep your message as short and concise as possible.
  • Emotional appeal. To successfully serve your marketing objectives, the FinTech industry explainer video should provoke a reaction. If it grabs the viewer’s attention from the first second, you bring this customer one step closer to your brand.
  • Benefits featuring. No matter how good you know and love your product, the ultimate goal is to show benefits, not features. If you want the customer to spend money with you, explain how he will benefit from it.
  • Tailored script. Write your script. Read and re-read it. Cut everything unnecessary, stick to only what you have to say, avoiding details that add little value. The art of storytelling and a strong narrative must be at the heart of your video.
  • Clear CTA. You create a video to inspire action. Make sure to explain or identify the next step after watching the video. A clear CTA is your chance to seal the deal. Do not miss this opportunity.

FinTech Promotional Video Design Trends

Now when you know about the elements your promo video should consist of, it will be helpful to take a look at the promo video design trends for 2018.

1. Quality graphics

Focus on quality rather than on quantity. Only carefully crafted visuals will engage your audience, keep them interested and hungry for more. Animate your idea to empower the promotion, but double check the video quality you are going to release. The first impression will directly influence future shopping decisions and shape your reputation.

2. Combining 2D and 3D

Do you want to easily explain complex concepts to your audience? The mix of 2D and 3D animations will give you a helping hand. What can better explain your ideas than realistic images full of volume, depth and clearly viewed from any point?

3. Seamless transitions

A mesmerizing story about the offering is what you need for an effective promotion. Although not new, it seems that seamless transitions were specially invented for this purpose. They help to tell your story without interruptions when one scene gradually flows into another.

4. Liquid motion

Splashes stretched and swirled limbs, smears, and drops. This is what can best describe this hot trend. When one visual fluidly changes another and we see unusual forms instead of perfect geometric lines, our mind cannot but snaps into action analyzing surreal imagery.

5. Typography: big & bold

Big bold typography equals big bold statements. It helps clearly convey your message and loudly state brand principles. Since typography is the force that guides viewers from one scene to another, shaping key information, this trend is really worth considering and applying during the promo video creation for your FinTech startup.

6. Benefits of Promotional Video Production for FinTech

When you only start a business it is of vital importance to invest in a cost-effective marketing strategy. There are a plethora of opportunities you can choose from, but the financial technology video advertising is the best alternative for the online visibility and sales growth. If it is still hard for you to believe, look at these top benefits. Hope they will help you to make a sound decision.

  1. Promo videos explain complex ideas in a shorter time. You have just about 90 seconds to tell the audience why your product or service is the best one. Powered by CTA at the end they can guide viewers to the next step in your conversion funnel.
  2. You get improved online visibility. Watching engaging videos people stay on your website longer. It allows you to lift the time on page rate and lower bounce rate. Google seeing positive changes will rank your website higher. What’s more, you can get your content on YouTube and Vimeo, top platforms for video marketing that influence your search engine rank.
  3. They build stronger brand awareness and trust. All content you create should align with the brand’s visual aesthetics. Videos should also comply with brand identity guidelines while characters should be linked to your target audience. This ignites emotions, sparks a genuine interest, differentiates your brand and gets customers close to it.
  4. Mobile users love videos. Since the number of smartphone users is growing and they adore watching videos on the go, they can all become your potential customers. Just give what they need: dynamic and brief content in a form of promo or explainer video.
  5. They boost conversions. Watching a video requires less effort and is more engaging than reading a plain text. A smartly crafted promo video attracts more viewers and softly directs them right to the product or service order. Boom! And the deal is yours.

Final Tips

Due to the swift competition increase in the FinTech sector, startup owners have to explore and utilize new opportunities for a successful project development. The blockchain explainer video production is one of the solutions that can help to promote your product and attract more customers. Want to maximize your reach? Let’s start working on your state-of-art promotional video right now.

Why to entrust this task to our team? We not only know how to develop promo videos that boost brand awareness and sales, but also have real-life examples to show and help you get fresh ideas.


Promo video production for a project that connects high-tech sensors, blockchain protocol, and smart contracts to track food supply chains and provide information about the products quality to end users.

BTCC ( - One of the biggest bitcoin exchange companies released numerous projects and a mobi cryptocurrency wallet is among them.



To showcase its comprehensive functionality like the Bitcoin mining pool, DAX Exchange Crypto/Crypto and USD exchange, our team developed unique motion graphics.

INS ( - Explainer video production for a team crafting a platform that will use data-driven mass personalization for a direct interaction between brands and consumers. An informative motion graphics brightly and clearly demonstrates the project essence to the target audience.
This is how quality promo video can strengthen your FinTech project. We’d love to hear about your video needs to find a solution for your goals and budget.

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