Operating Specifics of IT Companies from Different Countries

When the software development becomes more complex, the process of hiring in-house developers gets extremely expensive. In most cases, small business owners do not need to keep their own software development department at all. Finding the right IT services provider is viewed as almost a risk-free solution that brings numerous benefits along the way.

Of course, you want to receive a good team player, a driving force for your business and not a pain in the neck. Price, tech expertise and clients references are among the top criteria to consider. But what about cultural compatibility? What should you know about the operating specifics of IT companies from different countries? Let’s find out.


There is hardly a business owner who does not want to get an access to new tech knowledge and empower his business with robust applications. Solid educational system and highly developed IT market make Ukraine one of the most popular countries for discovering IT partners. And it’s not just a bold statement.

Back in October 2017, this country became an Offshoring Destination of the Year according to the GSA UK Awards.

Senior experts growth in Ukraine

What’s more, Ukraine got to the list of the top 25 IT services exporters worldwide, following the PwC report, while 19 Ukrainian companies joined The 2018 Global Outsourcing 100 by IAOP.

If to take three words to describe Ukrainian developers, they will be: responsible, easy-going and creative.

Most IT companies here developed a business culture similar to the Western one and actively utilized the most efficient methodologies, like Agile, Scrum, and Kanban, to ensure transparency and flexibility of the development process.

If there will be a coding problem or a complex challenge, do not wait for a Ukrainian engineer to simply give up. Here persistence comes into play. Being accustomed to deciphering difficult technical issues and thinking out of the box, he will come up with the best possible solution.

 ukrainian ousource developers

Do not be afraid to be in charge. Ukrainians respect the client’s authority and easily follow company hierarchy. At the same time, compared to developers from other countries, they can work more independently and do not require constant hand-holding.

Though negotiations? No, it’s not about Ukrainians. Having more feminine culture, they value and care about the relationships with others and avoid conflicts as well as follow the development procedure to prevent any kind of risk.

By the way, don’t be surprised to receive an invitation to a birthday party. These guys are more open emotionally and tend to easily form solid bonds with the people they work.


Searching for a country with Europe's leading economy and advanced IT industry? Consider Germany. Standing on the bus stop you can easily overhear a discussion of the latest updates from the Big Data world or catch a friendly chat about the rising FinTech start-up. This country is one of the vital start-up scenes. IT is in the air here.

germany europe german map

What should you know is that a distinct separation between private and work life is deeply rooted in the business culture. There are a formal procedure and a strict rules following for everything. The decision-making process can go a bit slow but you can be sure that every aspect of your proposal will be thoroughly studied and analyzed to present the best risk-free solution.

If you come for a meeting, be ready to follow a detailed agenda. No uncertainty, ambiguity or general discussion. They also value visual presentation. Charts, graphs, and figures will become an indispensable part of key meetings.

The IT professionals pool in Germany is really impressive. Due to the lack of talent, companies actively hire and relocate necessary specialists from Ukraine, Turkey, Russia and other countries. But only best of the best, experts who can easily integrate into the working process get here.

 germany developers team outsource

Academic titles, backgrounds, professional achievements, and expertise are highly valued and always emphasized on the business cards or profiles. You can be sure to work with real specialists who follow a well-defined hierarchy with a clear roles distinction. Business analysts define the product, team leads take care of the development process and testers ensure the release of a bug-free solution.

Have a habit to schedule meetings on a Friday afternoon? You’d better to totally forget about it when working with German IT vendors. Some offices may be closed by 3:00 p.m. on this day. The end of the working week is really the END of the working week.

Instead, you can head to a bar for a glass of beer with your German colleague. Just make sure to plan these going out well in advance. Two weeks will be enough. Once promised, he will definitely show up and do not make him wait for too long. Being 15 minutes late may be treated as a serious offense.


The government works hard to rebuild the country’s economy paying due attention to the IT sector. Affordable rates and constantly evolving developer’s expertise makes Brazil a good destination for finding IT wizards. Especially, if you are looking not only for a software development but for services related to infrastructure management, ADM and call center support as well.

brazil outsource b2b relationship

A statement that most vividly illustrates business culture in Brazil is that business is done with people not with companies. Prior to discussing working moments, it’s better to create personal relationships as they are really valued here. Remember about the small talk.

More than likely, your Brazilian IT vendor vendor won’t bother about holding back satisfaction or disappointment. Any emotions will be readily expressed. Even in the business sphere.

It’s interesting that being emotional, Brazilians are very diplomatic and not prone to conflict. They are easy-going and always ready to help. Who knows how can they keep the balance...

In most cases, the development process does not follow a strict, pre-defined procedure as in Germany. An engineer can contribute his own vision and help you to look at the project from a fresh perspective. But the sense of personal responsibility is not that strong too. This fact influences the software quality, which may be lower compared to other countries.

Having a fluid notion of time, developers can be really slow sometimes. Do not be surprised if an engineer will spend half an hour thinking about how to name a variable in the code or arrive fifteen minutes late for a meeting.


According to the PWC’s Global Software Leaders Outlook, China is the home of the top fastest growing IT companies.

Emerging Markets China

No doubt that this country can provide strong outsourcing tech services at affordable rates as it did for decades before. But what to expect from the Chinese business culture?

It’s not a secret that intellectual property protection and data security caused a lot of headaches for clients cooperating with Chinese IT companies. Although some believe the country has a bad reputation in this sphere, the situation has considerably improved over the last few years under the close government supervision. To play it safe, make sure to discuss and outline the code ownership, copywrite issues in the contract well in advance.

A great talent pool and a low IT services cost make this country extremely attractive to western customers. But don’t be too savvy selecting the minimal price. Take a close look at the way your potential vendor designs business processes, comes to the requirements analysis and sets ups the development procedure. Some outsourcers may still lack process and practical skills. Make sure you are going to work with the best market players.

Be ready to put a lot of emphasis on relationships. People here prefer to build a strong relationship prior to a deal closing. This fact will definitely let you know your potential IT partner better. Just don’t allow the negotiations and agreement process go far beyond the marked deadline.

chinese web developers

One more hint is that people in China enter the meeting in the hierarchical order. You’ll always understand who’s in charge. But follow the same rule entering the meeting with your co-workers.

The business culture of this country discourages criticism. The idea of maintaining composure or the face-saving concept implies that people here take things very personally. It may be difficult to receive the true opinion as well as to find the right words to express your true attitude or criticize the work of other people.

A final tip is to pay attention to numbers. Their significance cannot be underestimated. 4 is a taboo and considered unlucky, but if you hire 8 developers, it will be viewed as a gesture of goodwill.

In conclusion

Each country is unique in terms of culture and traditions that influence business approaches and operating specifics of IT companies. Should you consider these aspects when selecting a tech vendor? Yes, definitely.

In any case, you have the facts. Now it’s your turn to decide whom to entrust IT tasks.

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