Motion Graphics Trends for 2018

An engaging and eye-catching website, unique and intriguing products or services videos… Motion graphics are everywhere. So, why not to follow the trend and use all benefits it offers for your business promotion?

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The animation is what makes any storytelling more appealing and captivating, breathing a new life into simple notions and redoubling their impact. Motion graphics that is less time-consuming to create but has more compelling design is the ideal variant for creative designers and demanding, savvy customers. Will we be lucky enough to see this challenging mix? Who knows. Any design trend is greatly influenced by other facets, like technology, usability, and public opinion. Having analyzed what’s hot out there, we put together what, we believe, is more luckily to come true.

Check the must-know trends and predictions able to define and shape the development of motion graphics in 2018.

Mix of 2D and 3D graphics


Time2Match from Alexander Tumanov on Vimeo.

With the constant blending of styles in motion graphics, it is hard to say for sure where 2D ends and 3D starts. In most cases, we can observe simple 2D overlays, when a flat text or graphic is overlaid with 3D objects, a live action or footage. 

PayPal - PayPal stellt sich vor (Making-Of) from SEHSUCHT on Vimeo.

 Both 2D and 3D animations have their own benefits. Just imagine how they can enhance your storytelling combined in an engaging video.

The appliance of such blend varies from movies, modeling and logo animation to engineering animation and architectural renderings. Why? The answer is obvious: it allows easily showcase different ideas and complex concepts with more realistic images that can be viewed from any angle.  

PayPal - PayPal stellt sich vor from SEHSUCHT on Vimeo.

Seamless Transitions 

This trend is not new, but it constantly grows in popularity and is considered to come into full effect in motion graphics the next year. Some people believe that seamless transitions make the animation process more complex and troublesome. 

 Some people believe that seamless transitions make the animation process more complex and troublesome. And they are right to some extent. But the elegance and value of smooth flowing motion graphics cannot be denied or underestimated.

The Confidante (Directors Cut) - Le Cube from Not To Scale on Vimeo.

Getting back to basics, seamless transitions exclude visible jumps or interruptions between scenes that fluently follow one another. Target customers get a mesmerizing story about your idea, product or service. Something engaging and eye-catching is what you need for the effective promotion.


Lettering and Typography

We use words to communicate, convey ideas and simply illustrate our fillings. Whether you speak or type, the effect is the same. Image and sound are at the heart of animation, but quality typography is what influences viewers, transforms thoughts and leads the audience through the video, plainly transferring the message. If you did not pay due attention to this aspect, it’s about time to change the attitude, consider possible ways of forming word images, using lettering, and experiment with how typography comes into and out of your graphics.


One more rising trend in this sphere is kinetic typography or moving text. Being actively used as a home page to a song or a movie, in promotions, explanation videos or to discuss sensitive issues, it can definitely become a work of art and conquer the motion graphics world in 2018.


Liquid Motion

Papumba application splash screen and behind the scenes. from Zenzuke on Vimeo.

It seems that the slogan for this hot trend in motion graphics is “The more liquid motion the better!”.  After Effects jump-started smooth transitions between scenes or images bringing the liquid motion on a whole new level and securing its popularity in the advertising world. This fresh alternative can become a game-changing solution for people who want to move from perfect geometric shapes, straight lines, and circle-transitions to try something state-of-the-art.

Twist, bends and splashes, abstract smears and drops, stretched and swirled limbs. All this action not only ensures fluid move from one visual to another but also prompts our mind to snap into the dynamic mode and analyze the showcased information.


Grain and Noise

SKILZ | Ubihome Winter | Explainer video from SKILZ on Vimeo.

One more trend on the list that will find its fans in 2018. Almost every designer is familiar with these After Effects. Gaining popularity in motion graphics, grain is normally applied to stylize visuals simulating a camera noise.  Noise, in its turn, is usually added for utility and presents a visual distortion of an animation. They both assist in setting the right mood or combine graphic elements helping to tell a more vivid story about you, your brand and your goals.

Plato from Explain Ninja on Vimeo.

Only showing something new and unique you can grab attention and retain customers. An unusual approach borrowed from the video industry can help to get remembered and boost conversion rates. 


Quality animation 

Quality is what should characterize the right approach to any project, attitude and the end result. Only quality animation, being a medium for the concepts transfer, is able to engage your audience. A hint: do not risk overusing linearity.

A designer puts together creativity, imagination, colors, and meaning to create a masterpiece, tell a story through carefully crafted visuals. There is hardly a domain animation has not touched. It allows to transfer emotions, show off your personality, educate in a simple, entertaining form, influence shopping decisions, and boost promotion and rankings. All these factors only stress the importance of the quality graphics, delivered to the target audience.

The Complete Animade Lernz from Animade on Vimeo.

Whether you are a designer, who hunts for good projects, or a customer, who needs to animate his idea and market services, remember that quality ranks first. Add a couple of trends into your video and you will get a juicy result able to empower the promotion of a product or service.

A variety of predictions and trends only proves that perfection knows no limits. Will all these techniques work for your unique project? It is definitely worth to try them out and spot your favorites that will assist in delivering the key message to end-customers.

Maybe you have some predictions of your own? Let’s discuss and see what will work the next year.

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