Motion Graphic Trends for 2020

Motion design can be described as a source of huge inspiration and deep admiration. We bet many of you are already wondering how the world of graphic design will change in the upcoming year. So, why not to analyze motion graphic trends for 2020?

We’ve previously published similar reviews for 2018 and 2019. Most of the predictions came true, and the articles themselves got a due portion of readers’ consideration and positive feedback.

Motion graphic and animatio trends for 2020

Taking into account previous experience and growing interest in the topic, we studied the essence of changing styles at the dawn of the new decade and are ready to share the results.

What trends are expected to boom the next year? We’ve made a thorough research and spotted trends in motion design that will steal your attention and imagination the year ahead.

Thin lines, outlines

Lines are a powerful tool in motion design. Even a single thin line can add any animation a clear and elegant style. Whether you need to add a handicraft feeling or business like look to the company explainer video infographics, the usage of a thin line will cope with the task. Just look at the examples below.

Thin lines, outlines - Motiong graphic trends for 2020

Builddie by Multiple Owners.

VIA by Multiple Owners.

Lines indeed are one of the most underestimated design elements. What a pity, considering their power and potential of setting up the right tone of the message conveyed through the image.

Briza by Multiple Owners.

Despite their simplicity, lines in graphic design often fulfil numerous tasks. They are used to show the direction, define shapes, separate elements, and much more. We can already observe the growing popularity of line graphic design, and the demand will continue to increase.

Integrated and animated to present various effects, a humble line opens an endless space for your creativity and imagination. Why not use it in your next project?

Graphic design trends for 2020 - example

Airbnb Pacific by Loris F. Alessandria.


There were years when gradients lost their positions giving a pass to a flat design. Now gradient design is back on stage, and its popularity won’t fade away in 2020.

If you’re thinking about how to enhance your design with more depth, create one-of-a-kind texture for background or boost an image with a new color, explore the endless space for creativity that opens gradient in graphic design. Here is the portion an inspiration for you.

Motion graphics inspiration 2020

Freelive by Multiple Owners.

Why is it so trendy right now? Because it’s eye-catching and versatile. Gradients mix different shades of color and can produce new modern color combinations that will become a focal point of your design, adding it a unique and fresh feeling.

If we’re speaking about the specific examples of this trend, you can consider the possibility of incorporating it in your innovative brand color pallet, using it for logo, packaging, in web design, marketing and print materials, during an app development as a background or a UI element. This list could go on and on. Just find the right way to make gradients work for you.

Isometric animation

The isometric technique is used to depict three-dimensional elements in two dimensions, giving more perspective on an object. As a result, we get attractive isometric graphics that can serve for showcasing almost any product, service or various business processes. The combination of simplicity with the ideal use of objects and colors make this technique quite popular.

2020 motion graphics trends
3d motion graphics trends for 2020

Elcom+ by Multiple Owners.

The isometric design has been on the list of top trends for many years. It has gone through many transformations. Now, we’re expecting to see something more than a simple three-dimensional illustration. Let’s face it, 2020 is going to be full of motion. Isometric graphic design is also becoming more real than ever transforming in isometric animation.

Who knows, maybe it will look like an actual 3D motion graphics able to play with the audience at the end of the next year. In any case, it’s a new angle of creativity and an excellent way of visually presenting your values.

StrongKey by BluBlu Studios.

Vertical ads

Did you know that according to a media report, we hold our phones vertically about 94% of the time? Considering how much time we spend viewing content on our smartphones, it’s no wonder that the trend for vertical video ads will be high in demand in 2020.

Virtical ads is an graphic trends for social medias for 2020

Instagram Stories pack at videohive.net.

Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook that have introduced the vertical content format, marketers are actively thinking over strategies for delivering more personalized and interactive vertical ads.

It’s one more opportunity for you to engage the right customers with the right content in the right format. How? Think about using 3D, stop-motion or motion graphics to animate your message and create the best vertical video ads. Experiment with type and design, overlays, and textures.

Instagram Stories pack at videohive.net.

Camera-tracking compositing (HUD, Infographic on video)

Motion tracking can reveal interesting and even unexpected ideas in the live-action world. Tracking the movement of objects and using it for further processing and special effects adding have been actively applied to feature films and commercials. It’s also shaping up to be a new trend in motion graphics, especially within character animation.

Kia future film, Peter returns by eungun Kim.

The same goes for HUD or Heads Up Display. If you have ever played a video or a computer game, you’ve probably noticed the display area where the character’s vital statistics or game functions are shown.

For sure, you have already seen its appliance in motion design. The futuristic feeling it adds to the image cannot be left unnoticed by the target audience: simple assorted graphs and indicators illustrating an operating system boot-up or animated digital charts used for Fintech related animation. HUD is going to stay with us in the upcoming year and gain even more popularity in a new form.

Many of us have been using infographic content on the website or in the presentation. Explainer video infographic is still valued for its ability to grab the viewer’s attention communicating necessary information in a unique, high impact form.

Needless to say, 360-degree video infographics, being completely immersive, grants even greater opportunities for compelling storytelling.

The potential it has for the presentation of the live-action world doesn’t allow us to exclude infographic on video from the list of motion graphics trends for 2020. Imagining the stunning mix with motion tracking, we dare to expect the appearance of the new powerhouse of graphic design.

Mixed-media (VFX, 3D)

A variety of media combined in a single artwork could always produce an eye-catching effect. When you need to sell a product or tell a story, mixed media will help you succeed, opening a space for experiments with graphic design and composition.

The blend of photo stills, 2D and 3D animation, existing footage, and computer-generated imagery was high in demand the passing year.

Because of the ability of VFX motion graphics to give viewers a breathtaking visual experience, taking them to another dimension and amplifying the message with stunning visual effects, there is no way we could forget this trend in 2020.

2D and 3D composition in graphic design is not brand-new. We’ve seen a lot of it in commercial and digital ads. A visually appealing video at an affordable cost cannot be easily excluded from a marketing strategy as well as the popularity of hybrid motion graphics.

Coppel / Back to school by Plenty Studio.

It’s hard to imagine any motion graphics without 3D. It was everywhere in 2019. And know what? It will continue to roll on. Being a robust communication tool with the power to produce an impressive impact on your potential customers, it will show us new awesome 3D graphic design compositions.

Digital surrealism, hyper-surrealism

Digital surrealism is the result of numerous tryings to show three-dimensional life on flat screens. Surreal digital art demonstrates us a virtual world filled with clean-cut visuals and materials that seem to be familiar and fictitious at the same time.

Such overlap extends the limits, makes well-known objects behave in unexpected ways, and creates captivating imaginary.

2018 SBS Korea election by Multiple Owners.

This is a relatively new trend in motion graphics that won’t fade away. Liquids magically transforming into solids, bubbles that never pop or gravity-defying objects. Ger ready to see more stunning examples of digital and hyper surrealism in digital artwork in 2020.

Digital surrealism as a graphic trends for 2020

ILC – Lotto Ball Draw by Multiple Owners.

Crystal Light – La Aldea by Lucas Casagrande.

Sound design

Can you imagine a movie with no sound? Sound design is an incredibly important part or even a foundation of motion graphics. Background tracks and dialogues set the mood of your story, making it more realistic and effective.

Ambiance, foley sounds, audio effects (SFX), good voice over are the main elements you can and must use in different combinations to create the necessary sound effect for a video.

Branded earcons, surround and spatial 3D audio along with audio for VR videos have appeared over the last years and will gain more and more popularity in the year to come.

As a rule, movies with the best sound design win audience recognition and take additional rewards. Following the same principle, it’s better to keep up with sound design trends able to amplify your motion graphics in 2020.

Cross-platform animation

If you want the audience to notice and remember your brand or application, vector logo animation is what will stick in the minds of viewers. Being one of the hottest trends of this year, expect to see more tricks performed by hiding, rotating and transforming logos in 2020.

Besides, vector icons and illustrations animation for web and mobile apps are also a powerful tool for communicating ideas and creating fascinating user experiences. No one is longer interested in static assets. To draw attention and stay competitive, make sure you have included this motion graphic trend in your marketing strategy.


From thin lines, gradients, isometric animation to digital surrealist and mixed media. Motion design trends for 2020 are super diverse. We’re going to see mesmerizing combinations and maybe even new discoveries in graphic design in the upcoming year. Maybe you have your own predictions for motion graphic trends?

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