Isometric Animation Design for the Business Processes Illustration

We all use 2D illustrations to showcase plans, discover key workflow principles or product ideas to bosses, investors, and customers. But if you want to empower your business with a new selling tool, it’s time to consider isometric animation design.

As a brief note, isometric illustrations show us three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional format

It has been there for centuries, used to diagram complicated information in technical and engineering drawings. But only recently has it become an immensely popular design trend.

Will It Work for My Industry?

Picture this: you need to demonstrate complex business processes in a clear and concise mode. Writing an extensive explanation, including diagrams and charts may be an option. And know what? Most of your competitors will follow this path. But will the customers be able to interpret and visualize the idea as the author sees it? Who knows?

It’s far better to save time and try isometric explainer video services. It may surprise you to learn how many industries can use this easy to interpret medium to express complex concepts, effectively present a new product or service and show unique selling points.

An isometric animation can be used for the illustration of:

  • Versatile business processes.
  • Travel, technology, hospitality, and retail business.
  • New technological devices.
  • Automotive mechanisms.
  • Hotel rooms and building plans.
  • Blockchain enhanced supply chains.
  • Factory complexes and much more.

So, if you’ve been looking for a crisp new tool to boost your brand awareness and enhance an upcoming marketing campaign, the key advantages of isometric animation listed below will help to make the final decision. And get ready, we’ve equipped the benefits with some bright examples.

Brand Image Reinforcement

Every business owner cares about the brand name. If you show unique ideas, follow the latest trends and focus on innovation, customers will respect and respond to your offer. A high-quality isometric animation design can do wonders to your reputation when used online and offline.

Here how it works: such offbeat illustrations attract more readers to your content strengthening credibility and authority within your field of industry. The same goes for attracting business partners or investors. Relevant and comprehensive showcases help to understand your products or services, key benefits they bring and their significance to potential business needs.

Extensive Channels Coverage and Appliance

You have created an isometric animation to demonstrate, let’s say, your factory complex. What’s next? Let it go viral. Place it on the main page of your website, share across social media profiles, include into your presentation and so on. In such a manner, you can reach a far larger audience and supply them with insightful visual content.

Isometric view of the city

Along with the increased brand awareness, you’ll generate more traffic for your company website and hike social media engagement, doubling the chances of building a strong community around your brand.

Thrilling Visual Impact

There is a countless number of tedious brand designs you can meet online. Unfortunately, some of them fail to execute their target mission: hook user attention and trigger the interest in brand’s products and services. 

Technological innovations, we are so lucky to witness, bring us a variety of communication mediums able to produce a strong impact on potential customers. Many cannot leverage their potential to the full extent. But you can give your audience a breath of fresh air by using isometric design. It’s eye-catching, engaging and can highlight the key points of your message in a vivid manner.

For Inspiration

As it was promised earlier, we’ve got a few great examples of isometric animation design to share with you and show how this design trend works for different industries on practice.

The blockchain technology allows tracking all types of transactions more securely and transparently. The supply chain industry is not an exception. Providing a better alternative to a complicated records keeping and products tracking system, blockchain can revolutionize the supply chain management.

This isometric animation shows how the technology can set things up and running in real life.

It’s not that easy to illustrate a specific event in a chain of business activities. It won’t be enough to use simple flowcharts and diagrams when the task is to structure and map numerous business processes happening simultaneously.

If you want to effectively communicate these processes to others, there is no better option than an isometric explainer video production. This showcase only proves the rightness of such solution visualizing business processes at the airport.

isometric animation view sensalytics

You can probably explain what your business does in just a few sentences. You can depict all business processes in a single illustration using isometric animation. But will you meet the challenge of visualizing a city workflow? Yeah, sure! You can show your audience an isometric city as in the example created by our team for the Sensalytics company.

In Conclusion

An isometric animation is a unique tool for showing how your new product or service works. Regardless of the industry or business type, you’d better incorporate this trend into your marketing campaign. Trust us. It'll all be worth it.


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