How to Increase Scroll Depth of a Website with Smart Interlinking?

What is interlinking?

A website interlinking, as an indispensable part of inner optimization, is applied to set up and customize connections among pages. “How should I link pages so that a visitor could get an answer, a product or a service without leaving my website?” is a question a developer should ask himself at the early stages of the project development.

internal link building

Hit: Such question did not cross your mind? Then you have a single page website.

Why should I bother interlinking pages?

To answer the question, consider three key benefits you get from setting up links among web pages.

Interlinking will help to:

  1. Increase the depth and time of your website scroll. A visitor will be able to view another relevant article or a product from the same category.
  2. Show search bots main pages. The thing is that, according to search engines, the more inner pages are linked to a certain page, the more this page is important for users (Shopping cart, Contacts, Contact Form).
  3.  Provide visitors additional information about baffling words.  If a user, for example, reads a text and comes across new terms, he can easily find their meaning in the corresponding article.

What type of interlinking should I use for my website?

Circular interlinking of pages in a category and categories interlinking is the best choice, as the page weight will be transferred to a page with the same weight.

For example, activities related to wheels repair, selection or utilization are described in a category:

Internal Link Building Process

Interlinking can be done in several ways. 

Interlinking in texts

To implement interlinking in texts, it necessary to allocate a semantic core with keywords and split them into clusters. These keywords should appear in articles across the whole website and work as anchors for links. If a person clicks “choosing winter tires”, he should go to the article “How to choose winter tires?”.

An example of interlinking in articles on

Web interlinking

When selecting a semantic core, it is necessary to divide keywords by pages. The allocation approach depends on the frequency and website hierarchy:

  • Head queries should be on the main website pages.
  • Mid-frequency queries – on the categories page.
  • Low-frequency queries - on the products and article pages.

How to interlink two pages

To prompt a person to view the R page, the link anchor in the text of the W page, as well as text around the link, must describe the topic of the R article.

An example of interlinking of two articles on


Interlinking with the help of plugins, scripts, and add-ons 

Plugins may serve difference purposes. Some of them depict similar products while others showcase relevant, the latest or the most popular ones, highlight items you have recently viewed, articles you have recently read. The key idea is that if you get interested, you will visit the page increasing scroll depth and search engines loyalty to the website.

Hint: If there are already too many scripts on a page, interlinking can be done in a form of a text.    

An example of interlinking using add-ons on Amazon:

Internal SEO

Armed with all necessary information and pros of smart interlinking you can now move on to the next step: hire experienced SEO wizards to do the magic or try to implement some improvements on your own. And when the next time you hear the question “How to increase scroll depth of a website with smart interlinking?” you will definitely know the answer: “It’s not rocket science.”.


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