How can healthcare live through a crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic?

Everyone on Earth knows that the quarantine caused by the Coronaviruses has brought many problems to both ordinary people and businesses, and the global economy. Many businesses went bankrupt; many people lost their loved ones.


In this article, we will look at how a quarantine can be used to the benefit of the medical business and how to get a kind of benefit from it.

Coronavirus – cause or effect?

Infographics of the effect of coronavirus on the economy of China

Using the examples of European countries and the USA, we were not ready for such turning points.

Then the question arises:

Is Covid-19 the reason for our unpreparedness, or its consequence?

In any case, the world faces this and now it is necessary to quickly look for ways to counter this problem, to individual medical specialists, in particular, about which you will read further.

Keep calm and think through

When the dentist or the owner of the clinic, manager or entrepreneur sees how incomes fall, it is difficult to restrain emotions. At such moments, the nerves are at the limit and a million options for action appear in the head.

Deciding in an emotionally elevated state is risky for any business. Go to a quiet place: fishing or nature (any calm atmosphere), and try to evaluate these factors without emotions:

  1. Where are my competitors now? Most likely, they are in the same situation as me. Then what is my advantage now over them?
  2. How can I take advantage now that everything is collapsing?
  3. Wait or act? Act!

Understand that your business is in the same boat with your competitors – you are all in a critical situation. When the target audience is simply not up to you, it is exceedingly difficult to attract their attention even with the best service.

what to do medical business in a pandemic

The winner is the one who quickly moves from panic to problem-solving and does it best of all.

In addition, the crisis is the distance to the finish line where each business is on par with one, and the future market leader will be behind the finish line.

What to look for in this crisis hour to minimize its negative impact on your business?

Remember loyal customers

Regular or one-time customers who turned to you for services or purchased goods are a great opportunity to attract attention. How to attract the attention of a regular customer?

A couple of simple tips:

  • Notify the customer of the precautions you use in your business. Take a few photos or shoot a video about the steps of sterilizing surfaces and tools and publish these photos on social networks. Also, a great solution to articles is a full-length blog article. This will increase customer confidence.
  • Make discounts or special offers for permanent customers. This can be done both for the quarantine period and the announcement – after the resumption of work. In both cases, you will not only pay attention to yourself, but you will also be confident, as the client knows you look out for their best interest.
  • Launch an online stream on social networks and answer private questions about your business. Your client is sitting in isolation at home and may have enough time to listen to you. It’s better to do this in the evening on Facebook or on Instagram.

It is important not to lose contact with regular customers, no matter how long the quarantine lasts. Do not let the client forget about you and do not give him to competitors.

Adapt your services

If you are selling medical products, but not an online store on your website, why not consider creating one? If there are goods on the site, offer customers free delivery to the door, a special offer for the next purchase.

If you provide medical services (let’s say you are a psychiatrist) and your office is closed, the website and social networks are an excellent solution for conducting online consultations for clients without the risk of transmission of infections. In addition, at home, the patient may feel much more comfortable and more confident.

Increase brand awareness

In the period of the coronavirus pandemic, every business has a lot of free time. Use this time in the right way to increase the visibility of your brand.


To increase brand visibility, it is enough to double the number of publications on social networks and the website’s blog. Free time is time to do the “homework” that you have been putting off for a long time.

increase medical brand awareness during covid19

Recently, the number of live broadcasts on Instagram of popular businessmen, stars and many specialists have become more frequent – try to do the same. Think about the format of interaction with the client, which will be useful to both you and the patient. For you, this is an opportunity to communicate with the patient and collect information about their problem, and for them to get additional knowledge.


Being face-to-face with a client can become the “ace up your sleeve”.

Let’s summarize

We urge every owner of the medical business, and not only, to drop excitement and worries and look at the situation from a different angle. Think about the benefits of a pandemic for your business and use your free time to increase the visibility of your business.

what should a medical business do during COVID-19 pandemic

Your patient, just like you, has a lot of free time and is hungry for communication. Become his friend and interlocutor and when the situation normalizes, he will remember you as a real specialist and turn to you.


The situation in the world more than ever shows the relevance of digitalization of business and the design of services on the web. The best will manage to take advantage in a light favorable to him.


Our team wishes all health and prosperity. Take care of your loved ones and yourself.