21 Tips for an Effective E-commerce Business

1. Quality is always primary

High-quality product images grant much greater competitive advantage and bonus sales points with no particular focus on this factor. So add sharp, engaging photos of the items you are selling.

2. Do not forget about zoom

What if I’d like to take a closer look at the item you offer? I cannot touch it or turn a little, but really want to examine some important parts to dispel all doubts about the product quality. The image zooming will help here and speed up the decision-making and buying process.

ecommerce photo zooming

3. That magic “All inclusive”

The truth is, we do search for the shortcuts and become lazier when it comes to paying money for something. End-to-end services are what most customers expect to get. Free smartphone set up or apps tuning on a computer, chargeless furniture or a washing machine installation may become a weighty argument speaking in your favor when competitors work to minimize their expenses in every possible way.

4. Noticeable discounts

Every e-commerce store owner may face such a situation: “I offer products with a great discount. Why nobody buys them? What’s the matter?”.

Are you sure the information about the great sale is visible enough? Sometimes such small overlook can play a low-down trick with you. Put more focus on the information you present, depict discount right on the photo, in the item title or above the price.

ecommerce Noticeable discounts

5. Is the font you’re using legible?

If you want to build a strong brand awareness and solid online presence, you must establish and follow your e-commerce store style. Examine fonts in titles and product descriptions. Are they responsive? Do they comply with your website design and layout? Consider these questions before moving further.

6. Work on emotional appeal

Address visitors of your online store from the first person and set up a homely atmosphere from the very first page of the website. This factor is of crucial importance for texts and extra offers.

website emotional appeal

Remember to treat each visitor as the best buyer ever. Totally forget about trite content. Just compare: “Scientists recommend…” and “I recommend…”, “Customers who have already bought this product favor…”.  We both know which of the variant has greater chances to improve conversions.

7. Keep it simple

Your customers don’t have enough time to look through the long item description to find necessary information. Simplify the task for them. Be as brief and concise as possible and provide only relevant details about the product.

8. Security guaranty

Show visitors that their personal information won’t be shared with third parties. In any way. Never. For this, add the SSL protocol is there an online payment available on your website and get it certified by the payment system(s) you are using. It’s also one more way of proving your credibility.

9. Extensive search options

This is what can make your e-commerce store really successful. Make the search on your website not only noticeable and easy-to-use, but also functional and informative.

Extensive search options for eccomerce

It’s a great idea to provide an option for searching items by category, by specifications and add a drop-down list with similar products and special offers. Remember, searching by SKU or item number is a bad idea. You’d better totally forget about it. 

 10. User-friendly navigation

The previous factor is directly connected with the website navigation. And you can make it even better as there is always a room for improvement. Make sure that your website has the following:

  • Sitemap
  • Breadcrumbs depiction
  • Filters by items
  • Easy accessible contact information
  • Correct product allocation by categories.

11. Build solid trust

Try to become the best friend for your clients. Keep a close eye on the content style, intuitive design and customers’ feedback as well as the way you address visitors and communicate with them during the ordering. Following this simple tip, you can drive a customer towards the purchase.

12. Straight forward call-to-actions

Working on content for the website, be concise and stay up to the topic.

call-to-action buttons

Speak to your customers and make sure your texts answer these questions:

  1. What for do you need my items?
  2. Why my items are better than competitors’?
  3. Why is it worth buying at my store?
  4. What will you lose if you do not buy it from me?

13.  Live support

Who knows what keeps customers from buying your products? Make it easier for them to express their doubts. Offer 27/7 support and an opportunity to contact you or your assistant directly via a live chat or phone.

14. The Email me button

Let’s imagine, a customer needs to ask you a question or contact your assistant. He is very busy or simply shy and prefers to receive a written reply. Do not forget to check your inbox for new messages and set up the auto-reply function for the incoming emails. Use this function to inform the buyer about the availability of goods in the online store.

15. Integrate with social media

Add social media sharing buttons to your website. Likes and share will not only help to build a good reputation, but also attract additional and repeat customers. Besides, this aspect is among top SEO factors. Also, read our recent article about most relevant secrets for high-performing email marketing.

16. Unique video reviews

Spend some time and create detailed video reviews of your items: show their specifications, the assembly and turning on procedure. It will improve your karma, ranking in search results, as a signal of unique content, and become an absolute competitive advantage in your niche.

17. Show similar items

Let potential customers see the full products range in the selected category. There should be no limits. It’s important to implement filters to show items similar in color, price, material, specifications or from the same manufacturer. Also, add tags for this.

18. Free shipping

Yes, this may become a costly service for your business and involve additional logistic expenses. To make it work for you, provide free shipping in exchange for something: when buying from …$, when buying two or more items, for subscribing to your newsletter or social media profiles, etc.

19. Clear item title

The biggest don’t here is to avoid using auto-generated titles. Include only 2-3 key aspects: product, model, color, size. Do not make the Aliexpress mistakes:)

Clear item title

20. Product reviews

Not every customer will be eager to spend his time and leave a feedback about the item he has bought. Real-life reviews are a topmost factor of a successful e-commerce and you should not set it aside. Give your customer a discount promo-code for the next buying and, I’m sure, he will be more than willing to leave feedback about the purchased product.

21. Multiple item photos 

Details matter. Items photos from different angles and with all important specifics will help to decide and hit the Buy button. The product layout or configuration scheme will only prove that you offer quality goods and can be trusted.


A user-friendly website, quality products, and competitive prices make an effective e-commerce store. Nobody denies that. But there is always a bit more you can add to attract potential customers. This list of actionable tips will guide you on the path to the e-commerce success. Maybe you have other ideas learned from your own experience? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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