The Chiropractic Phenomenon in Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the fastest-growing channels in 2020. I’m sure you heard it already that every company should have a YouTube channel.


 If you don’t exist on YouTube, you’re missing out at the expense of your business. A lot of businesses follow this trend, creating video content, and getting only a few views. That’s sad but it’s a real competitive digital world, with the YouTube algorithm in charge.

chiropractic video marketing phenomenon

However, we have cool examples when a specific niche demonstrates massive growth and great results, not just one YouTube channel. And we can consider this a niche phenomenon, not just one YouTuber’s lucky win.

Our main example today is from the healthcare sector: chiropractors and their treatments. Chiropractors use some manipulation and adjustment methods including “cracking activities” to help people relieve pressure from joints.


We won’t judge whether these treatments are good or bad, and we won’t discuss the medical and effectiveness side of these treatments.

We are only here to discuss the video marketing effect, and this effect is definitely worth a discussion. We’ll try to understand how these guys gain millions of views on YouTube with simple videos.

Current chiropractic topic situation overview

When finance and insurance companies dream about getting a few thousand views for their YouTube videos, this video from the chiropractor channel has around 36 millions views:

Simply recorded, simply edited, yet so many views.


And it’s not a single case, there are hundreds of similar channels with videos and compilations that have more than one million views.

You can also see that these guys don’t hide the commercial direction. Some of them even mentioned the full name of the clinic in the channel’s name section.


Why don’t you put the phone number on there as well? Can you imagine that in our native digital world such things can attract millions of views? They certainly can in the chiropractic world.

47 million views video:

Top 4 reasons for chiropractic video success

There is something that attracts people to these types of videos. Something initially existed in this type of treatment and demonstration of the process.


After some analysis, we can collect everything together and explain the four reasons for chiropractors’ video marketing success:

1. Psychological effect

The psychological effect of this niche is the biggest reason. People like to see bones and joints cracking, moreover, they like the cracking sound as well.

The moment of the video where a beautiful girl in chiropractor room

People crack their knuckles and feel better. So when we see this process on a video, our dopamine is increased after seeing and hearing great cracks. It’s not for everyone, but most.

2. Fit girls dressed in yoga pants

However, in our specific case, the yoga pants and fit girls can be confidently explained. For example, ladies who spent a lot of time in the gym (professionally I mean) need chiropractic treatments even more than average people. As for the yoga pants, it helps chiropractors to see body parts that should be treated with additional attention.

This is a classic marketing technique. Great-looking woman with a nice body who sells some product on the screen. Sometimes, in the standard promo of the different products, it looks not very organic and even kills the advertisement’s call to action.

Yes, we definitely understand that real reason is just to catch our attention using women’s bodies, but if something can be explained from a reasonable point of view, the audience will like it even more.

3.  Average length and video composition

The average length of the chiropractic treatment video is around 15 minutes. That’s very good according to YouTube’s current algorithm. This video gets an additional push to the trend section more often as opposed to very short or very long videos. The video composition is also cool.

The first part is usually some research and analysis of the patient’s body condition, and then we move forward to the back and neck adjustments, then to other body parts after that.


They also use some interesting equipment at the end of the video, called a Y-strap for the aggressive neck adjustment. It looks scary and keeps the viewer’s attention.

4.Technology: microphones and ASMR

Also, some marketing-oriented chiropractors went further than a standard video recording. They added some technology point – microphones with the ASMR effect to get a deeper and brighter sound of the cracking bones.

ASMR video example:

What we should extract for other medical niches

After analyzing the success of the chiropractic videos and modern marketing in general, we can clearly see that medical businesses should come to YouTube and be more open. There are no super secrets, only small details to be successful in video marketing.

chiropractic adjustment video marketing

Yes, there are a lot of ethical and legal issues in the healthcare niche. But you can find some compromises.

For example, one of the most well-known plastic surgeons in Ukraine launches streams on YouTube and Instagram, where he does live operations.

Another example is a psychological treatment video blog that doesn’t show the patient’s face or reveals any personal details. Yes, you can find such patients who will approve such a process.

To-do list to make your medical YouTube channel successful

  • Analyze your competitors on YouTube. Perhaps they have already invented something revolutionary.
  • Launch additional research of the successful channels in niches similar to yours.
  • Try to combine everything into one attention system that generates viral effects for your particular case.
  • Be open to experiments with your video format. Try to find the winning sides in your niche that you can implement.
  • More people, more engagement. Ask patients for help with respect to them.

The goal of this article was to show you that YouTube can generate millions of views in the commercial medical niche. So anything is possible. Find the best opportunities in your healthcare niche and use them!