5 Tips on How to Select a Digital Agency for Your WordPress Project

Probably the toughest task in most cases is the same: choosing the right developer or a company.

At the first glance, it seems that there is nothing difficult in googling your query and connecting with the agency that appears at the top of search results, since the search systems know whom to trust.  The whole point is that different providers offer different skills set, level of expertise and industry specialization. As a result, when you start digging deeper, there is a risk of getting absorbed by numerous offers, endless and sometimes pointless discussion putting aside the project itself. This is the worst case scenario if the initial task was quick website revamp or swift conquest of the online space in your niche.

5 Tips on How to Select a Digital Agency

So, how to find a reliable digital agency meeting your WordPress project requirements and expectations? We have tried to walk in our customers’ shoes and came up with the list of the most important points we strongly advise to consider before jump-starting any development activities.  

Tip #1 - Inspect agency portfolio

Checking a portfolio you can see real-life examples of the completed projects and not only get the idea of whether or not the provider has some experience in your niche, but avoid the risk of hiring an inexperienced freelance who just started to fight his way in web development. Ask questions about projects analogous to what you plan to implement. What is more, finding related examples you get an idea about how well and quickly they are able to deliver unique results for the assigned tasks. The trick is to look beyond the portfolio to see how similar functionality, design, and navigation, for example, work in real life.

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Maybe there is something worth improving for your particular project or fresh ideas worth trying for your business promotion?

Tip #2 - Select the right agency location

Why outsourcing or hiring dedicated developers or even multi-qualified teams became so popular? You can contact developers from different countries, compare prices, skills and cooperate with those who can provide top-quality services at a reasonable cost. That is why we consider this aspect so important when selecting the right digital agency.

It is not a secret that choosing a company from North America for your WordPress project you get the best communication along with the top or above-average services quality. But the price will be one of the highest here.  Developers from Eastern Europe are able to ensure a suitable balance between three important aspects: affordable cost vs. comprehensive communication and high services quality. Numerous vendors from Asia actively struggle for your attention and project lowering prices to a dangerous minimum. For that matter, you can get the best price offer in this region, but the end-product quality should be carefully monitored as sometimes it leaves much to be desired. 

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Which variant will be the best? Let’s face it, the quality-to-price ratio always was and still remains one of the main “decision makers”. Set the priorities first and the answer will be more than clear. 

Tip #3 - Meet developers dedicated for your project

Before starting any development activities, you will definitely want to get to know people you are going to work with and whom you will entrust your online presence. It’s great if you have an opportunity to visit their office and meet them in person. But video calls tend to eliminate the necessity of tiring trips. Communicating with a manager or a team lead you can ask him to invite developer and SEO specialist to join your conversation. Such move renders a few benefits. First, you will see that there is a real person, SEO wizard and not a fictive character working in the team. Second, you can be sure he will monitor the quality of the key aspects that will form a solid foundation for future project promotion

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Tip#4 - Ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions and counter even the silliest, in your opinion, concerns. Only continuous communication and interaction with your vendor ensures the delivery of the desired product within the planned timeline. Clearly express your vision, expectations, and goals for the project. You do not want to get stuck in the middle of the development process because of the weak communication and different vision for the idea, do you? Besides, this is how you can rely on quick response time, open communication and clear project expectations.

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It is worth to discuss everything and come up with an accurate concept at the very beginning to save time, money and nerves in the long run. 

Tip #5 - Talk to previous clients

Ask for references, check real customers testimonials; take a look at the company Facebook, and other social media profiles… This list can go on and on. See what people say about the agency you are going to work with, what questions they ask, and what content the company itself shares with its followers, how quickly reacts to the questions received. There is hardly an experienced and professional services provider that won’t show off clients’ feedback on the website or refuse to provide their references and testimonials. Previous customers can honestly confirm vendor’s expertise for you to make sure that you have found the right fit for your tasks and evade the problem of reassigning the project. 

Tips on how to select an outsource agency

This is how we see the digital agency selection process in action. Hope you will find our tips useful and pick up a few ideas for your next search. If we have missed anything or you have your own concept about the best ways of finding a good company for a WordPress project, feel share your thoughts with us.  

Good luck in your search and with your future projects.

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