3 Best Link-Building Strategies to Take Into Account in 2020

Online authority is a must for any business nowadays. And in order to achieve stellar online visibility, having a killer link building strategy is an important part of the deal. However, like most things in life, link building requires work and effort (and the right tactics ;)).


So let’s take a look at some of the best link building strategies and how to implement it in 2020!

Business directories

Directories are essentially webpages created with the goal of linking out to awesome content on a given topic. This might be the sole purpose of the website, or a series of blog posts. One example of this is Ogno’s Weekly Roundup, in which they share some informative articles on digital marketing published in the previous week. Similarly to Ogno’s, you’ll find resource pages on a huge variety of topics. Having your website as a part of as many lists as possible is a great way to improve Domain Authority with highly relevant links.


Ways in which you can locate these pages include using the following search strings in Google, as they are designed specifically to unearth resource pages:


  • “Keyword” + inurl:links
  • “Keyword” + “helpful resources”
  • “Keyword” + “useful resources”
  • “Keyword” + “useful links”
3 link build strategies to include in external seo work plan in 2020

Once you do, we’d recommend reaching out to the owner of the website via email, pitching your content to them. (Pro tip: Before you do this, make sure your content is up-to-date, niche appropriate and high-quality).

Guest posting

Another way to build your website’s online authority is to write for other relevant blogs. Yes, I know this might sound weird at first. But this is a highly beneficial practice for numerous reasons. Firstly, writing top-notch content for websites with high traffic provides your brand with visibility and possibly even visits. And secondly, well, backlinks 😉


(Pro tip: Providing value in exchange of links is always better than simply “asking” for them. By doing so, you could build meaningful collaborations and even partnerships that can be mutually beneficial. Is it more work-intensive? Yes. But it is also more effective and rewarding.)

Shareable content

Last but not least (and I can not stress this enough), focus on creating shareable content in a variety of formats. The best backlinks happen in the way Google intended them to – natural and organically. In other words, make sure to explore different formats of content and see what works best for your industry. These could include Infographics, graphs, written posts, etc.

Shareable content link building

Once you have the content, don’t forget to distribute it in as many channels as possible. This includes channels in which your target audience is most active in, partnerships with other websites, and even reaching out to new sites with a similar topic to yours and pitch them your content.


I’ll explain it. Let’s say you just created an infographic explaining the different types of hiking shoes, and how they fit best with hikers’ goals. The next step should be to find as many articles on the topic of tracking and email the authors telling them about your cool visual and how it could help lift the pursued value of their article. Chances are, they’ll be thankful to you and add it – sending you a valuable link in return.


Author: Isabella Thiele